Summer is for Beaching

So the other day we decided to head out and visit Brighton Beach.  Both Dunedin and Christchurch (where we have lived previously) have Brighton Beaches, so we thought we would see what Melbourne’s has to offer.

The Beach Huts here are amazing!  Apparently one alone costs more than any house I could ever afford, and they are mostly used for storage.  What gives?!  Although it would be extremely handy to only have to bring your lunch the next time you took a family trip to the beach, I’m not sure I could justify one unless I win lotto.

These huts line the Middle Beach at Brighton and are all painted in bright, vibrant colours.  Because it was such a nice day, we took our time and got plenty of snaps of the huts, sand and water before sitting down and enjoying the views for a while.  Real Life is Hard.


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