She’s a Lady

For the past few years I have fantasized about donning my finest lady-clothes for a high tea afternoon.  I like to blame my interest in Gossip Girl, T2 and miniature food for this new enthusiasm for such an old-school event, but have found that they are very popular here in Melbourne!

So when I found out that my gal-pal Shelley was planning a visit with her husband in January, I jumped at the chance for my high tea dreams to come true.  After doing a bit of research, and getting some input from Shells, we settled on the Hotel Windsor, which is actually the oldest and most popular high tea venue in the city.

At lunchtime, after humming and hahing about what to wear on a hot and humid 35 degree Melbourne afternoon, we arrived at the hotel with anticipation and excitement.  The men-folk left us to entertain themselves with manly activities while we settled in at our table for two hours of pink champagne, finger sandwiches, mini cakes, scones, blooming tea and girlie gossip.

Any worries about feeling or looking out-of-place were swiftly discouraged after spotting other young ladies at tables nearby getting out their cameras to take photos of the tables, venue and each other.  The room we were seated in was stunning, with grand chandeliers, fine china and soft music playing. 

We started off with a small pastry case filled with some kind of fish pate and caviar.  It was divine.  Our glasses were filled with pink champagne and strawberries, and we were shortly brought a 3-tier cake stand with our afternoon tea arranged neatly on each level.  We took photos of everything before trying it, and were well impressed with the quality of the food.

I wont bore you with a detailed description of each morsel we ate, but I will say that although it doesn’t look like much, the food was very satisfying and we left feeling quite full.  We had such a good natter and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Being a lady for the afternoon was fun.


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