Goodbye Christmas

The Flags That Lined New Quay

Tonight I will be doing something that I really don’t want to do. Tonight is the night I will be taking down our Christmas tree. Does it feel too soon to anyone else?! I don’t feel that I have experienced enough Christmas joy from it yet, but I know that it is time.

He’s just a mini-tree, but it has been nice seeing the green (although not living) branches decorated with red, gold and green baubles the last few weeks. The area he sits in will look bare and boring after tonight.

However, I have resigned myself to the fact that Christmas is indeed over for another year. It started on Boxing Day, while walking through the Southern Cross station, that I noticed the Salvation Army band was no longer sending carols through the air, as they had done for about two weeks prior. Then, a couple of days after that, I spied out our window, men taking down the enormous buoy tree which had been gracing the docks of New Quay, here in Docklands. They were also removing the lovely poles with Christmas carols written on them, which lit up at night. Christmas flags were replaced with New Year flags, and Boxing Day sales were replaced with New Year sales. Almost like nobody cared anymore.

Now, with New Years long forgotten, and most of us back at work again, I guess it is time. After a quick Google search this morning, I found out that today marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas, and is the day that the 3 wise men brought gifts to the baby Jesus. Now I’m not really religious, but I am superstitious, and after reading that it was bad luck to keep the tree up any longer, I have decided that it has to be tonight.

It will be sad to pack him up and put him away for the year, but unfortunately my fear of bad luck outweighs my child-like dreams of holding on to Christmas a bit longer.

Has anyone else still got their tree up? And when do you think it should be taken down? If yours has already been removed from all sight – when and why?


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