No Excuses…At All

No Excuses!
Image by Howdy, I'm H. Michael Karshis via Flickr

I have recently been informed by my friend Paulie C that 2012 is The Year of No Excuses…At All.  Now 2011 was meant to be The Year of No Excuses, and we started off well.  We kept up our losing streak playing touch rugby – and let me say it’s not easy peeling yourself from your comfortable couch to go and run around a field, knowing that you’re not going to win.  We kept going to work, even though it was stressful and not so fun, and we’d rather be at home.  To up the ante a bit, we even started a competition to see who could beat the other to work each day (I was winning).  And finally, with Kelly’s help, we organised a netball team with some of our other workmates.

Our first game was due to take place on the evening of February 22, 2011.  But, as many of you are aware, Mother Nature had other ideas in the form of a rather large, scary and devastating earthquake.  I won’t detail my experiences of that here (as I believe it is worthy of a post on its own), but I will say that the whole netball thing just did not get off the ground after that.  The Year of No Excuses ended that day for many of us, as we all had a very good excuse not to do things anymore.

Oftentimes it was a reasonable excuse – we couldn’t go shopping, out to dinner, or even play netball for weeks and months afterwards due to the amount of damage caused to buildings and roads, not only in the CBD, but all over Christchurch.

Other times, it was more of a “flight” tactic. Why go anywhere and risk possible danger, when I felt so much safer at home (even when it was creaking and shaking)?

Excuse after excuse came and went until life became pretty dull.  Paulie and I have since left Christchurch – him to London, and I to Melbourne.  Although I think I have branched out a little bit, I can definitely improve, and am quite prepared to take on the challenge that is The Year of No Excuses…At All.

To me it means taking opportunities with both hands and making the most of the little events in life.  Instead of staying home because you cannot be bothered going anywhere – get over it, get your butt off that couch and do it.  Life is for living, so go live it, no excuses.

I recently read Steve Jobs’ Commencement address from 2005.  Joy the Baker raved about it and said that it was life changing and inspirational, so I read it, because I think she’s awesome.  And I intend to read it again, because I know see how awesome he is (shame I found out too late).  If you haven’t already read it, or seen this speech, I suggest you do.

And join us in The Year of No Excuses…At All! (It may well be our last).


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