Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Like a Mermaid

My hair is long. Like really long. Like so long that if I were topless, you wouldn’t see anything you shouldn’t… Because my hair covers it all…like a mermaid.

When I was younger, my dream was to have super long hair, down to my butt. I wanted to be able to sit on my hair. I don’t know why, it seemed like a cool idea at the time. Besides, in those days I was wearing fluoro tights and scrunch socks, so what did I really know?!

Now that I am older (and I guess wiser), I’ve found that long hair is not all it’s cracked up to be. And mine hasn’t even reached butt length yet!

It gets knotty and tangled, it gets caught in everything from brushes, to hair ties to handbag straps. It takes aaaaages to dry, and a long time to clean. It moults everywhere. Seriously. Hair. Everywhere.  And it’s not just the longness that bothers me.  It’s the amount of hair I have.  I have so much!  So many strands attached to my noggin, it makes my hair feel thick and heavy.

I didn’t intend for it to grow this long or full. I’m just lazy. And hate spending a lot of money for a stranger to cut my hair in a fashion I never asked for. You have to be so specific with those people. I can’t even tell you how many times I have been to the hairdressers planning on getting a bunch of hair chopped off, to walk out 60 bucks poorer with a nice trim. And don’t even get me started on a dye job. Do you know how much dye is required for this much hair? Lots.

So this month I decided it was time to get it cut off. Not all of it – I don’t have the face or personality to pull off a pixie cut like my beautiful sisters. But it is soo time to go shorter. I’m thinking shoulder length, max.

I made up my mind a couple weeks ago, but wanted to wait til after my cousin’s wedding, incase it turned out bad. And would you know, people raved about my lovely long hair!! Seriously, talk about having doubts. But no, even though it did look nice, flowing down the side of my head like that, it was so annoying, blowing about in the wind, getting caught on my lip gloss and getting tuggier by the minute.

I have had it cut short a few times in my life so far, and I have been pretty happy with the results.  Apart from that one time when I decided I wanted a fringe.  So not cute.

So Thursday is the day. I have booked an appointment at a place nearby that doesn’t charge a fortune (am hoping that’s not a bad omen!), and I am getting the chop. This time I’ll be super specific and totally un-vague and tell them exactly what I want – but only if it suits my face shape. I don’t want to look horrible!

If all goes well, I will post my new ‘do on this here blog, and look forward to your feedback. Wish me luck, peeps!
Oh, and FYI – if there’s a sudden lack of photos of me in the next few months, you’ll know why. Be nice.


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