Why I Love Melbourne

Looking at the City from Alexandra Gardens

It’s been a wee while in-between posts, but that is because I wrote one the other day about my family.  Then I decided it was too personal to post on my blog, so maybe I’ll send it to them instead. It’s all well and good saying nice things about people, but it wont guarantee they will come and visit you. So now I am going to say nice things about Melbourne instead.

For those of you who have never visited Melbourne – get your arses over here, stat! And for those of you who have already been here before… well… i live here now so come visit.

I first came to Melbourne for a few days in 2008? Maybe? It was ages ago, anyways. It was April, I know that much, as it was nearly my birthday. We did the usual touristy things like going to the zoo, and checking out all the shops. We also got to see Rove at the comedy festival. That was pretty cool. All in all it was a good time, but I wasnt overly impressed with Melbourne. Maybe it was the cold, or maybe it was the dirty streets with the homeless people – which I wasnt at all used to. Either way, I wasnt aching to go back.

Fast forward to a rocky 2011, resulting in the desire to leave New Zealand again (attempt two). I would be lying if I told you that the Gold Coast wasnt on the cards at one point. Who would we be kidding? We still love the place and the lifestyle there, but with a lack of jobs and the failure of attempt one, we knew it wasnt worth the risk. Melbourne was familiar-ish, there were heaps of jobs, and it had a good mix of city/shopping, parks and beaches. So we moved.

This time, I instantly loved it. Melbourne is great. Really. It is so diverse in so many ways. There is always something happening no matter what you’re in to, the people are friendly (mostly), and the weather is good. In Christchurch I never felt settled or at home. In Melbourne I feel so relaxed and comfortable, like I have always been here, almost. Sure getting set up was difficult at times, but things seemed to work out for us here. The pay is good and the opportunities are endless.

We have barely scratched the surface here, but try to see new places when we can. The public transport is really good – you can bus, tram or train practically anywhere, and they even have a bike-share if you’re that way inclined.

We live in a pretty nice area, with three shopping centres, two supermarkets, the aquarium, botanical gardens, casino, rod laver arena, and centre of town all within walking distance. Well, as we don’t have a car it’s either walking distance or public transport for us, so if we can walk, we do.

Melbourne hosts lots of concerts, sporting events and festivals.  It’s filled with glorious cafes, heritage buildings and towering sky-scrapers.  There is a real mix of old and new, which I love.  Melbourne pretty much has it all.

Views of City from Botanic Gardens
Victoria Harbour, Me Hearties!
Cow up a Tree, Docklands

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