I Heart Mail

LOVE. Am Planning on Cutting these out and Using them separately in my Album

So I ordered a few things last week – one of which I knew wouldn’t take long to arrive, but the other I wasn’t expecting until May.  Well, they both arrived yesterday!!  Ehehee, I love mail!

Anyone who doesn’t care about scrapbooking can stop reading now.  Those that do, might be interested to know that I have a new project in store this year – Project Life.  It is such a simple way to scrapbook, and yet you can still be as creative or uncreative as you like and have an amazing album at the end of the year.  This suits me perfectly right now because I don’t have the space or tools to properly scrapbook in our tiny apartment.  With Project Life all I have to do is pop in my photos for the week, maybe some little tidbits like movie stubs, restaurant cards or interesting flyers/event handouts, add a bit of journalling and you’re done!  How easy is that?!  And because the photo pages are set up with easy to use pockets, there is no fussing around with scissors or glue.  Sure it’s a more expensive way to scrapbook, but I love how everything is matching and ready to go – too easy.  I have been slightly obsessed with the idea of Project Life since I first found out about it last month.  The only thing preventing me from getting started is my core kit.  Unfortunately, it’s not due in stock until May.  But the rest of my order has arrived, along with a few gorgeous papers (not Project Life related but I fell in love with them and had to have them…NOW), so I can get my photos printed and get started.  Once I get my core kit and complete a few weeks of my Project Life, I will upload for you all to see and enjoy 🙂 

Pretty Papers!
Loving the Polaroid Print
My Project Life Goodies
Photo Pockets - Can't Wait to Fill these up!

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