My Week of Bento

On Monday I discussed my new-found obsession with Bento! I am proud to say that I have prepared and eaten a Bento-esque lunch each day this week. None have been overly cute or fancy, and none have been very Japanese, but I have really enjoyed each one. I found that it kept me fuller than my usual lunch, and that I was eating much more fruit and vegetables, which can only be a good thing!

I aim to keep it up, and continue to try new foods to add to my lunches. I have even checked out our local asian grocery store, and plan on stocking up on a few items there that our usual supermarket doesn’t sell.

Once I have sourced the right food and tools, my Bentos could end up looking like these! Hehe, well maybe not every day, but once in a while, a cute bunny Bento would be super cool 🙂

So here is my week of Bento! You’ve already seen Monday’s lunch, so I’ll start with Tuesday:

Tuesday Bento

Chicken salad with Peas, Corn and Cucumber; Cherry Tomato; Blanched Asparagus; and Tuna-filled Rice Ball with Nori. On the sweet side I had Grapes, Pikelet with Jam and a sneaky Lindt White Chocolate Ball!

Wednesday Bento

Rice topped with Snow Peas, Red Pepper and Asparagus; and Octopus Sausages. For a sweet treat today I had Grapes (loving these at the minute!), Nectarine and a Chocolate Lindt Ball.

Thursday Bento

Soy Sauce Rice on a bed of Lettuce, topped with Red Peppers, Snow Peas and Asparagus; and a Hard Boiled Egg. Desert was a Cherry Tomato, Grapes, Nectarine and a Hazelnut Lindt Ball.

For Friday I had prepared a delicious salad, and some fruit and biscuits. Unfortunately when I went to pull it out of the fridge on Friday morning, the whole lot fell all over the floor!! I didn’t have time to prepare a fresh lunch, so instead I jumped online and ordered a Bento lunch from Bento Station, who delivered it to my work 🙂  It was soo good, and really filling – I would definitely order from them again.

Friday Cheater Bento

I got Crumbed Pork, Rice, Barbecue Sauce, Dumplings, Cabbage in this really scrummy white sauce and some red and yellow things that tasted okay but I have no idea what they were!! Hehe.

All in all it was a very good week of lunches, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next week will bring 🙂


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