Checking In

Things have been extremely busy in the Land of Oz lately.  I feel like Dorothy, following the yellow brick road, and not really getting anywhere for a long while.  This past week I have been scatter-brained like the Scarecrow, hard-working like the Tin Man and felt wicked as the Witch all the while trying to get everything done at work and keeping things in order at home.  This long weekend has come at the perfect time, as I have been able to relax and enjoy some down time.

It hasn’t been all bad, as I received some glorious mail!  Three packages in one week – if only I wasnt expecting them, and if I only I hadn’t spent my hard-earned money buying them, but mail is still mail and I was still super excited!

Mail, Glorious Mail

At the beginning of the week there was a fire in one of the buildings near my work.  I noticed the smell first, as it was like burning plastic.  It took a while for the rest of the office to notice – once the smell grew stronger.  I looked out the window and saw it was smokey outside.  Then someone yelled “oh my god, there’s a fire!”  With that, everyone rushed to the windows to get a good look – sure enough black smoke was gushing out of a building not far away.  The smoke was getting into our air conditioning unit.  I could feel it in the back of my throat and found it hard to concentrate.  Management advised that we could leave if we wanted for an “early lunch” (it was 10 to 11 at this point), and if we came back at 12 all should be okay.  Well, who in their right mind would stay in that case?  It wasnt long before the office was deserted!  So I went out to tea with one of my colleagues, it was lovely.

At the Hopetoun Tea Rooms

I also spent some time video-chatting to my family and one of my dear friends this week.  It really is wonderful being able to see who you’re talking to, and as far as my sisters are concerned – makes for some very cheap entertainment!  Haha.

Last night, one of the channels here showed The Lion King on tele.  Apparently it has never been aired on free tv before!  I couldn’t believe it – and I still remembered the words to all the songs!  Brought back some childhood memories.  One of my great friends and I used to perform the whole soundtrack in her living room on a weekly basis.  We each had our own characters and even made up dance routines to go along with it.  It was such fun, and made me laugh to think of it.

So to sum up – it has been a full-on and hard-work week, but with lots of goodness in the mix.


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