It’s All About the Pop

Baking isn’t always easy.  Especially when you have a miniature kitchen and limited ingredients.  But that didn’t stop me baking up a storm yesterday afternoon.  With every fail comes a success, and I totes experienced both in that tiny little kitchen of ours.

First I tried and kind of failed at making cake pops.  A friend of mine got me on to these a couple weeks back, and I have been obsessed with them ever since!  I have watched clips on how to make these sweet sweet morsels, and figured they were pretty easy.  Either I was too impatient, used too much icing or my stick was too thin (I’m thinking all of the above), because they certainly were not easy, and although they taste delicious, they look majorly wrong and kind of gross.

Cake Pop Fail - The Best of a Bad Bunch

Sure it looks bad.  Major.  But underneath that crunchy cracked chocolate is a moist vanilla cake with 100’s and 1000’s sprinkled through it.  They actually taste pretty good.  And totally unhealthy.  The perfect Saturday afternoon snack!

Next I tried mini cheese popovers.  I had never heard of popovers before, but saw this recipe on Shutterbean, and have been keen to give it a go.  These were super easy and turned out really well!  Our oven cooked them much quicker than I expected, so they got a little burnt.  They taste best fresh out of the oven, and I may have eaten too many.  Like five.  In a row.  Just saying.

Cheese Popovers - Success!

I havent had much of a chance to bake lately, so really enjoyed it, even though it wasnt my best work.  I think I will definitely try both recipes again – I already have a few ideas in my brain about other flavour combinations for the popovers, too.

What have you baked lately?  And has anyone else tried those cake pops before?  How tricky are they, right?


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