My name is Michelle, and I have a problem. As each working day draws to a close, I make my way home with grand ideas of a nice long walk or a run (and let’s be honest, the most I can usually manage is a brisk power-walk), but as soon as i enter my apartment, something funny happens. I hear my iPad calling me from its red faux-leather pouch, begging to be used. So i spend the next few hours on the couch with my iPad instead, ideas of exercise becoming nothing more than a distant memory. Besides, there’s always tomorrow, right?

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if I were doing something important like reading the news, keeping in touch with my friends/family, or ordering a cute handbag/bento/pair of shoes. Instead I am Instagramming photos or trawling Pinterest for cute things to pin on my virtual pinboard.

Random Cuteness for my Pinboard

It started off innocently enough. I joined Pinterest about a year ago now, and only really visited the site every once in a while. In fact, I’m sure I went for a few months without pinning a thing! And Instagram I had only ever heard about, and not having an i-product, I wasn’t too fazed. Fast forward to November 2011, when I decided that what I really needed in my life was an iPad.

That is when everything changed. There are apps for almost anything, seriously. So the first few months I spent downloading various apps – growing tired of many, but using others time and time again. Unfortunately there isn’t yet an Instagram or Pinterest app for the iPad, so I got the iPhone versions instead, and they are okay. I guess.

At first I thought linking them to my Facebook would be a good idea, because then I wouldn’t have to come up with a new username and password, but now I’m finding that the larger audience this provides, only serves to fuel the fire. What can I say, I’m a media-whore at heart.

But this is where it gets bad, and kind of embarrassing – I have started taking photos for the sole purpose of making them look good and uploading them to Instagram. On finding that no-one has Pinned anything interesting on any given day, I take matters into my own hands, Googling random shit, and pinning that instead. I get excited when “(insert name here) has re-pinned your (random shit you have pinned) pin.  Happy Pinning!” emails arrive in my inbox, or when a random stranger “likes” my photo and has started Instagram-following me.  And as I am writing this, I see “related articles” about a mesh-up of the two called Pingram – why did I only just hear about it?  This could get dangerous.

Was a Great Meal, But Taken Mainly for Instagram!

I feel that the time for intervention is nigh. As I am the only one who really knows how long I spend on these apps, I feel like I need to take matters into my own hands, and pull back the reigns a bit. I thought I should maybe give up both for a week, go cold turkey – but I know the withdrawals will only make me cranky (and trust me when I say that no-one wants to get me on a bad day). Besides, I just know I’ll spend the whole time thinking about what I can pin once my sentence is up, and I’m al ways taking photos, so will probably just Instagram a bunch once the week is over.

I guess I could limit my time to an hour a day, but unless someone is monitoring me, there is no way for that to actually work, as I would probably make excuses to myself as to why I can keep at it. You know, like “you’ve had a really hard day, you deserve to Pin a bit more”, or “just put one more photo up, you’ve only done three today” where I’ll spend another 20 minutes looking for a super great photo to Instagram.

Instagram Feed on Instapad

Seriously, you guys. I also thought about using these apps as a reward system. Heaven knows I could do with some exercise. If I can keep my iPad quiet when I get home, and go for a walk/run/gym sesh instead, then spending some time with my iPad after would be well deserved…right?  I’d still need a time limit though, huh.

Regardless, I need help.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  And yes, I have also just started playing “Draw Something“, which is proving just as addictive as the others.  Sigh.


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