30 Things

Last year when I was still considered to be in my mid-20’s, my birthday was looming and it was an age that I was totally not excited to be moving into.  So I decided to put together a “30 things to do before 30” list.

I figured, not only would it make the next three years more interesting, it would force me to take part in a few ideas I had entertained but never got round to doing.  Seriously, I feel like the age to learn the drums is far behind me, but it is always something I have wanted to try, and been too freaked out to actually do (air drumming on our couch in my uni days aside).

So one year later, how many items have I crossed off my list?  Not many, but it’s been a weird year what with all the earthquakes and the moving to a new country, and I do still have two years up my sleeve.  A few of the items are ongoing, so technically can’t be crossed off until d-day anyhow.

It’s not a super amazing or inspiring list.  I’m not out to change the world or face a bunch of crazy fears.  I just wanted to be a little bit selfish, do some things for myself and enjoy my 20’s while I still can.

My next birthday is nearly here, and as much as I am not looking forward to being a late-20’s lady, I thought I would share my list with you all, and check my progress so far.

Without further ado….

30 Things to do Before 30

1. Accept more Invites – Say Yes!  Obviously an ongoing challenge, but I think I’m doing okay so far.

2. Take a Visual Merchandising Job/Course.  When I moved to Melbs I applied for a few merch jobs, and got a call-back for one, but it had been incorrectly advertised!  Still hoping to do a course some day.

3. Attend a Cupcake Decorating Lesson.

4. Learn to Play the Drums.

5. Be Able to Walk in Heels.  So-so.  Not quite ready to cross this off just yet.

6. Eat a Croissant in France.

7. Complete Three Full Cross Stitch Kits.  Was meant to be one a year, but haven’t even started yet, oops.

8. Get a Radical Haircut.  My idea of radical is different from yours.  I recently got my hair cut short, at a really cheap hairdressers, and after that experience I think that’s as radical as I will go!!

9. Attend a Photography Class.

10. Learn a New Dance.

11. Get My Full Licence.  Done!  Was soo glad to get that one crossed off 🙂

12. Learn How to Change Tyre/Oil.

13. See a Favourite Band/Artist Live.  Saw Eskimo Joe last year, and Evermore at Christmas.

14. Take a Swift for a Test Drive.  Over the Christmas hols I got to drive one!  Soo nice.

15. See More of the World.

16. Buy a One Way Ticket Overseas.  Does Melbourne count?  Have crossed out for now.

17. Take My Nieces out for the Day.

18. Get Some Body Art.  No Mum, this does not necessarily mean a tattoo!

19. Host a Dinner Party.

20. Spend the Night in a 5 Star Hotel with all the Trimmings.

21. Make an Extravagant Purchase.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to get a lot for my money, so for me the extravagant purchase so far would be my iPad!  Best money I ever spent though, haha.

22. Have a Girlie Weekend with Friends.

23. Enjoy a Spa Day.

24. Treat Mum and Bruce out for Dinner.  I did get them a meal voucher for Christmas, but I think I can do better in the next two years 🙂

25. Get a Healthy Tan.

26. Write a Short Story.

27. Have a Scrap Page/Idea Published.

28. Own 5 Dresses, and Actually Wear Them!  At present, I have five dresses and a skirt in my wardrobe.  I wear three of them regularly.  Still need to work on this.

29. Go Up the Chairlift with my Snowboard.

30. Pick a Recipe Book and Make Every Recipe in it.

So that’s my list.  6 things crossed off this past year?  Not great, but I am hoping to get a lot more done in the year to come.

Would love to hear if anyone else has done a list for themselves!


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