Sunday Baking Sesh

I Picked a Lovely Box of Strawberries

During most summer holidays when I was younger, my family and I would go and pick strawberries for Christmas dinner.  We spent most of the time eating them rather than picking them, and my step-father was often heard shouting “less pick, more eat!”  Haha.  So last weekend during our out of town getaway, my partner and I went to the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.   It was so much fun picking our own strawberries, and we each got to fill and take home a 500g punnet.   Unfortunately we couldn’t eat them right there in the field like we used to be able to do, due to the huge signs telling us to wash them thoroughly before eating.  Sigh.

However later in the day, once they were washed, we ate until our hearts were content.  There are only so many strawberries two people can eat without feeling sick, so naturally we still had a whole bunch left!  I’ve been racking my brains all week trying to decide what to do with them.  Jam?  Sauce?  Milkshakes?

Then after reading through my brand new Joy the Baker cookbook (how excited was i to get this?!), I was inspired to bake something with them. I remembered seeing a glorious looking recipe for Browned Butter Banana Strawberry Bread on her blog ages ago, and figured what better thing to make with strawberries?!  Sold.

I have been super inspired by my favourite bloggers this week and even tried out some fabulous tips from Tracey Shutterbean’s High Straitenence blog on how to stay organised in the kitchen.  Having a tray to put all the ingredients after I have used them was a super simple but brilliant way to keep my tiny kitchen organised and my workspace clear.

So, back to the Banana Strawberry Loaf.  I followed Joy’s recipe step by step, but at the last minute, decided to throw in some chocolate chips.  I mean, what else in the world could make this recipe any better than it already was?  Come On.

Ready for the Oven

Unfortunately my oven is super-duper hot, and after only 10-15 minutes of baking, I could see that my loaf was burning!!  Eeek.  So I turned it down a bit and covered the loaf with some tin foil to prevent it getting worse.  After 50 minutes, the loaf was ready and looking good.

15 minutes resting on the bench felt like an eternity!  But finally, finally I turned it onto a cooling rack and only lasted another 5 minutes before I couldn’t wait any longer and I cut into that thing.  OMG, was it good.  It has a nutty flavour due to the brown butter, but the banana and strawberries totally shine through.  The loaf is dense and moist (ew), and the chocolate studded through really took it to the next level (go me!).

Slightly Burnt but Oh So Good!

I still have quite a few strawberries left, so I think I will see what else I can bake them into.  But for now, please excuse me while I shove some more loaf into my face.


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