Mail Makes Me Happy

How cute is this?  Seriously.

Have I been online ordering more totally unnecessary but super cute bento supplies?  Guilty as charged.  I just can’t help myself!

I have also been testing Australia Posts 24-hour parcel locker system, and I gotta say, am loving it.  Sometimes mail cant always be delivered to our apartment – although I’m not sure why, cos the property managers are based in the same building, but whatevs.  So they get delievered to the post office down the road instead.  Great…handy…awesome.  Except they are only open until 5pm.  Wait, when are we supposed to get our mail then?  Apparently never.

So when I heard about the 24-hour system, I immediately signed up for the trial.  There are two locations currently availalbe in Victoria, so I picked the one in the cbd.  Once signed up, I received a unique postal address to use for any packages to be delivered.  This can be used as my delivery address for online orders etc.  Once the package has been delieverd, I get a text with a locker number and a pin code.  I then have 3 days to trot down to the 24 hour lockers, enter my deets and get my package.  How easy is that?!  You don’t get the same locker each time, but by using the unique address provided, it is all linked up to your phone and email so there is no confusion.

At the moment it’s just in a trial stage, but I would totes pay for this service as it is super handy, really reliable and the automated emails/texts are really efficient too.

If only they would pay me to say such nice things!


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