This Week I’m Loving…

I’ll tell you something I didn’t love this week, and that was being woken up yesterday morning by a migraine who decided to hang out with me the rest of the day.  At least it was pretty average outside, so having a quiet day indoors was totally okay with me.  Just a shame about the sore head, nauseousness and aversion to bright lights.

So, on to the good stuff…

1.  I found some new blog love this week in the form of The Camel Life.  And I was legit reading this post while having lunch at my desk because it was raining outside and I felt too awkward to eat in the office lunchroom.  True Story.

2.  Boots, Boots, Boots.  Winter is on the way and I am loving boots this week.  So versatile, so comfortable and super cute.

3.  How good are the new Cadbury Marvellous Creations bars?!  Omg, I’m talking dairy milk chocolate, jelly bits, beanies and popping candy!  Like a party in your mouth.

4.  So I got some Moroccan Oil for my birthday this year, and have been using it after washing my hair ever since.  Usually my hair is quite thick and frizzy, but  this week it has stayed smooth, straight and shiny, and I am loving it.

5.  A guy I went to school with is doing a two-year cycling tour, and this week I have been catching up on his trip.  He has been through Germany and Austria and I totes got travel envy!  I was there just over a year ago and fell in love with these countries.  When I was there, it looked like this:

Bavaria in Winter

And now he is seeing it like this.  Soo want to go back in Springtime!!

6.  On Tuesday I played Petanque with some co-workers and had a ton of fun!  I haven’t played for years and although I was kind of average, my team won, yay 🙂

7.  The nights are getting colder and I am soo in the market for some Winter pyjamas.  So far I am lusting over these, these and these.

8.  Last, but not least, The Voice.  I know, I know.  I told myself I wouldn’t watch this show, but somehow I found myself in front of the television while the blind auditions were on and I totally enjoyed it.  I thought, oh once the blind auditions are over it’ll be the same as any other singing contest, so I won’t care after that.  Yeah, then they bought out the battle rounds.  OMG.  Hooked.

And that was my week of loving.  What are you guys loving this week?  And does anyone else sit on the edge of their seat during The Voice Battle Rounds??


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