This Week I’m Loving…

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mum’s out there!! 

Living in a different country from my Mum meant that I had to be super organised this year with my gift.  So I got online and put together a really beautiful photo book with personalised notes and a poem inside.  I had never done anything like this before, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  I used Snapfish, and was really pleased with the finished product.  She liked it too 🙂

So if you are ever looking out for a quick project for someone special – I would totes recommend this!

Now, on to my favourite things for the week…

I added some “Pirates of the Carribean” nail art one day.

1.  This week I got a few compliments for my chosen nail colour – O.P.I Katy Perry “The One that Got Away”.  It is my favourite nail polish and many of my office-mates said how pretty it was.

2.  Rocket/Arugula and I have become firm friends.  I have continued my love of Rye Toast with Rocket and Fried Egg for breakfast a few days a week, but this week I have also had some rocket inspired salads, too.

3.  I received the June issue of Women’s Health this week!  It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that I received the last issue, and I’m not sure I got a chance to read through it all yet.  It’s such a good magazine though, with lots of healthy fitness and food ideas, and you all know how much I love getting mail!  Hehe.

Smells and Tastes Divine!

4.  Last night I tried a new flavour of Cider – Kopparberg’s Elderflower and Lime.   Wowee, I think it has become my new-found favourite beverage.

5.  I have also been enjoying Herbal Tea again this week.  I seem to go through phases of drinking tea at work, and this week it was all go.

6.  Last year I found out about a new site called Pottermore – for those of you Harry Potter fans who havent yet stumbled across this site – it is now up and running!  I officially joined up on Friday night and have been loving it so far.  I especially like J.K Rowling’s side notes about how she came up with names/ideas/storylines – makes me feel like the story still continues 🙂  I may yet post a review on this once I get further along in the site if anyone would be interested??

7.  Today I finally tried a new recipe that I have been harbouring in my inbox for over a year now.  Caramel Crackle Squares – Will be posting the recipe on here soon!!

Could This be any More Bad for You?!

8.  Last but not least, I have another blog to share with you all – A Life of Perfect Days.  Truly inspiring and heart warmingly written – this blog has really made me think this week, and has totally been added to the list of blogs I follow.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week, and all you Mum’s out there have been treated like Queens today!


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