This Week I’m Loving…

This week has been an especially quiet one with little in the way of inspirations, but I have managed to record some things that I am loving to share with you guys, so here I go…

1.  I have found new lunch-love in the form of Fontelle Oven Baked Mini Meals.  I tried the Apricot and Yoghurt ones, and find that not only are they super delicious, but totally satisfying, too!  Win.

2.  I received my advanced signed copy of The Temper Trap‘s new album this week – was super excited.  It came with a bonus picture disc 7″ single too!  It’s quite different to their “Conditions” album, but am enjoying it so far.  Cannot wait to go to their concert next week!!

How Lucky Am I?!

3.  Being a huge chocolate lover, I am baffled that today was the first time I have ever tried a Lindt hot chocolate!  What have I been thinking all my life?  They have now become my favourite.

4.  My supply of O.P.I AvoJuice has started to come to an end.  Nearly a year ago I purchased a pack of 6 minis and this week I cracked into my very last one.  So today I bought another pack.  They have to be the nicest smelling and silkiest hand moisturizer I think I have ever tried.  Hand Love.

Feels, Smells and Looks so Good

5.  I have become Pinterest obsessed again!  This time I have found a new part of the site with wonderful quotations and prints, so have created a new board of my own called “Words to Live By”.  My favourite so far has to be: What’s For You Will Not Pass You By.

6.  Last Sunday night I made a mean Silverside with Roasted Vegetables.  The next night I transformed the leftovers into the best Quiche ever!  I love using leftovers to make a new meal 🙂

7.  My skin is rather oily and my pores very visible.  I tried the Formula 10.0.6 No Time to Shine Mud Mask this week and was really pleased with the results!  My skin felt so clean, smooth and supple afterwards, and didn’t go as shiny the next day.  I have since purchased samples of the Deep Down Detox and Pores be Pure masks also.  I think I’ll see which one is the best and get the full size version.

8.  Last but certainly not least, this week I loved catching up with an old friend over lunch!  It’s so great to meet up with people you haven’t seen in ages and still find that you have a connection after all these years.  This will hopefully become a regular thing.

And that my friends, is the end of that.


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