This Week I’m Loving…

Whipped Peanut Butter

1.  Whipped Peanut Butter.  OMG, so smooth, so creamy, so light!  Especially good on a bagel with fresh banana.  Heaven.

2.  I have already raved about Snapfish helping me make a wicked cool Mother’s Day present this year.  I was so impressed that I used them again to get a bunch of photos printed off for a project I am working on.  They arrived this week – was so cool to have real photos for a change!

3.  I’m not a footy/rugby/league watcher at all, but was dragged along to the State of Origin opening game this week and after being told which team we were supporting (Queensland yo), I had a great time!  I cheered, booed, shoved greasy chips and beer in my face and yelled “you beauty!” when a goal was scored.  I think I may now be a fan.

4.  Loaf Cake.

5.  Was perusing Youtube last night and stumbled across this act.  And watched it twice.  Impressed.

6.  I am planning on giving a Juice Cleanse a go within the next couple of months, and after seeing the latest juicy photos posted on the Urban Remedy Facebook page, I am now even more excited to get into a Winter detox.  They look so good.

7.  But before I get to detoxing myself – Bacon.  Omg, bacon.  I have eaten bacon for the past three days, and am totally okay with that.

And that is all for this week.  I will hopefully have some exciting mail in the next few days which I will review on here, so stay tuned 🙂


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