This Week I’m Loving…

Okay so when I accepted this new job I knew my life would become busier, but seriously.  I don’t know if I’m coming or going most of the time, and am starting to wish there were more hours in the day so I can get my work done.  I know, right?!  I’m like a proper grown up now.

But in saying that, after reading todays entry you’ll probably think I’ve been living under a rock, as a few of these things I am loving are like totally five years ago.  So excuse me for being a complete noob and getting excited so late in the game.  I’m working on it, I promise.

1.  iPhone.  Am I right?  I never used to be fussed about the old iPhone, but since getting my iPad I have started to consider the benefits.  This week I bit the bullet and bought one.  Best Idea EVER.  I am now totally mobile, taking awesome photos and can access the internet pretty much anywhere I want.  And yes, sadly enough I was unable to do this with my old phone.

2.  With this new phone has come a twitter obsession!  I accidentally created an account (long story involving requiring access for work), and decided to run with it (@shell0belle if anyone cares?).  Am now a tweet-freak.  Pretty sure that’s a real thing.

3.  I mentioned my new Temper Trap album the other week and this week I got to see them live!  Was amazing.

The Temper Trap at Forum

4.  So cant wait to make this Blackberry Cornbread.

5.  Now that I am all growed up and stuff I have become a champagne drinker.  So much nicer than regular wine and makes me feel totally fancy.

Grape-Shot: 1915 English magazine illustration...
Can I be any more Fancy?

6.  On Friday night I attended the First Friday Dance Club where we learnt Bollywood!  I even danced on stage and wasn’t too embarrassed.  Wasn’t very good either, but I did have fun.

7.  Today I went to the Melbourne museum for the first time.  Did you know they have actual dinosaurs in there?  Was pretty cool, and I got to find out about how brains work.  Neat.

I totally had a Jurassic Park moment.

Winter has arrived and I can hardly believe we’re nearly halfway through the year!  Hoping everyone back home has a lovely long weekend.


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