This Week I’m Loving…

So apparently it’s a long weekend this weekend?!  Usually I’m right on to this sort of thing, but only found out about it last weekend!  Just goes to show how busy I have been.  So, needless to say, I didn’t have anything amazing planned for my extra day off.  Still don’t actually, better get on to that.

But for now, here are my loves this week:

1.  This Lip-Dub proposal – made me smile from start to finish.  Totes romantic.

2.  And as a complete contradiction, this relationship comic made me laugh and nod in agreement.

3.  This week I spiced up my nail art by having a different colour on my ring fingers!  I know it’s so old news and been done before, but I have never tried it – and love how it looks!  Plus, it solves the problem of trying to decide which colour to wear – now I can wear two.  Or even three maybe?

Excuse the Blur

4.  Journal Canteen.  Went there for lunch on Friday and really liked the vibe!  It’s laid out with share tables and school chairs and the kitchen is open so you can see the masters at work.  I had a quinoa salad with roast pumpkin – so good.

Healthy, Delicious and Hard to Eat!

5.  A couple of apps for you today – 100 Floors and Hatchi.  Have become addicted to both.

6.  Went to the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival today.  Had planned on seeing a psychic or tarot card reader but the lines were huge, so I settled on getting my palms read by a computer.  Apparently when it comes to being generous and thoughtful I am above average, but as a sincere friend I got a weak score!  Hmmm.

7.  Adam Martin singing “Romeo and Juliet” on The Voice Australia.  Just Beautiful.

8.  Have also loved keeping in touch with my sisters via Facebook Messenger!  They’re too cheap to text me but now we can talk every day 🙂

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


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