This Week I’m Loving…

And I’m back folks, with another exciting week of wonderful things.  It’s been quite stressful at work lately, but I still managed to enjoy some new experiences and have fun along the way, so here we go!!

1.  This week I booked flights home for next month!  I cannot wait to see my family and friends again.  I love going home, but don’t get to as often as I would like.  I totally did not love being charged twice for these flights, but these things sometimes happen.  Don’t worry though, refund is on its way.

2.  Morning Tea Shout – so on Tuesday it was my department’s turn to bring morning tea to raise money for the charity my company sponsors.  I’m not sure how much money was raised that morning, but a lot of great food was devoured by the masses!  We did good.

Publications & Library Services Represent!

3.  Then on Tuesday night Melbourne was hit by a 5.3 earthquake, which I did not love.  Took me right back to being in Christchurch where we were hit by a massive earthquake last February, and then subjected to aftershocks on a daily basis (and those still living there are still dealing with it).  Living in Australia for the past year, we haven’t had to deal with the trauma anymore, so this really freaked us out.  We left our apartment, and I took a moment to enjoy the beauty of the harbour at night.

4.  I totally love winning stuff!  This week I found out I had won a free photo session with Exclusive Photography.  I have always wanted to do something like this, so I am very excited.  Will hopefully be able to post pics afterwards.

5.  On Thursday it was raining and gross out so a couple of us at work decided to order some Indian food for lunch.  It comes in cute little Tiffin containers and was soo good.

6.  Then on Friday, a boozy lunch was called for, since we made it through the week!  Actually, I’m not sure that one glass of sparkling counts as a boozy lunch, but look at the size of them!  Also, the wedges at Grasshoppers Feast are AMAZING.  I totally went back for more the next day.

7.  I love my new pyjama bottoms!!  After looking and humming and hawing (as I do), I settled on this pair.  They are so comfortable and cozy and warm.  And totally cute.

I’m Totally a Cat Lady

8.  Snow White and the Huntsman.  Went to see this at the Director’s Suite of Hoyts, and it was seriously the best movie experience I have ever had!  Some nibbles, glass or two of sparkling, and an action packed and wonderful movie – what more could a girl ask for?!  And just between you and me – how good is Chris Hemsworth?!  Great Aussie talent right there.

Such a Noob

And that’s me for another week.  Catch you on the flipside!


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