Even Rocky Had a Montage

Okay so I don’t even know where the past month has gone.  I would like to say that I have a really great reason for not posting for like a whole month, but I really don’t.  And I have totally been loving a few new things every week, but I just haven’t gotten around to posting about them.  And now the moment has totally passed.  Lame, right?

You may have even thought I had given up on this here blog.  But I’m still around, and I still have lots to tell you about, so if you’ll forgive me and if we can still be friends, then please read on.

So I spent the past week at home with my family.  It was wonderful and busy and crazy and fun all at the same time.  I got to catch up with a few good friends and cuddle a few cute babies.  I had the family cat climb under the covers with me each night, and I even managed to beat my sister at Singstar twice!

I thought I would get back into the blogging spirit by sharing a photo montage of my week at home!  You’re Welcome.

On Tuesday my two sisters, my Mum and I went to Buster Crabb for lunch.  So delicious!

Bagel, Cream Cheese, Bacon, Spinach, Egg and Hollandaise Sauce! OMG

That night while driving into town to pick my sister up from work, I spotted a rabbit sitting on the side of the road!  On driving back past to go home, we saw he was still there, so we picked him up (he didn’t even flinch) and took him home to check him over.  He was so placid and sweet and very cute.  Probably very scared, too.  We found some bite marks on his back and because he was a wild one, we took him back where he belongs.  I checked on him the next day and he was gone!

I Totally Named him Benji in my Head.

On Wednesday, I went to visit a good friend who I hadn’t seen in nearly two years.  She has the cutest baby boy, and the sweetest little puppy, who ran straight for me and loved every second of attention I gave him.

My Friend Baxter.

That night Mum and I went to visit my sisters while they were working (one at a nightclub and one at a tavern).  We had cocktails and dessert – so good.

Love the Lights!

On Friday my Mum, sisters and I drove to Central Otago to visit some good friends, a new baby and enjoy a good road trip sing along!

Beautiful Cromwell

We had the most amazing Thai dinner of my life in Frankton, and because my youngest sister somehow managed to blow a fuse in the car, we had no music for the drive home!

My Rice Was Totally in the Shape of a Teddy Bear!!

Saturday night was family bowling night!  I was terrible.  But it was a fun night, and we haven’t all hung out like that in the longest time.  The game ended with an epic battle between my brother and step-dad for the title of Winner!

Who Doesn’t Love Bowling Shoes?!

It was a great week, and as much as I was sad to leave, I am so happy I got to spend so much time with everyone.


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