My Thyroid Made Me Do It!

I like to think I eat pretty healthy, but I am a girl and I do like sweet treats.  A lot.  I also like takeaways, especially of the hot chip/wedge variety and I am a sucker for nearly anything chocolate-related.

I was quite happy, albeit wishing my body would tone itself without any effort, until I realised that maybe the food I was eating might have something to do with my hormones playing up (#moodswingsmuch).  Most of you won’t know this, but I suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which means I have an underactive thyroid.  Which basically means my hormones are all up the wop and I have to take medication for the rest of my life!  I say suffer, but really this condition is mild for me compared to many other people, and my dose of thyroxine medication is low and only three times a week.

But still, I did get to wonder if there was something I could do to reduce the symptoms.  Usually I am okay and it doesn’t bother me, but there have been times where life gets a bit hard, and I don’t have a good reason why – and it’s all thanks to hashi’s.

So I did a bit of research and found that there really are some foods that can alter not only the effectiveness of my medication (I’m looking at you, soy!), but also the disease itself.  One blogger in particular caught my eye – Sarah Wilson – she also suffers from hashi’s, although on a higher level than myself.  After reading her blog and her ebook, and finding out about how and why she quit sugar, I have decided that I would like to give it a go.

I have a very sweet tooth, and a natural fondness for anything I don’t have to make myself, so I know this is going to be really tough for me!  But I figure I have nothing to lose, and hey it might actually make me feel better and give me more (natural) energy.

Having wanted to try a juice cleanse since September last year (I know, right?!), I thought I would start off with one.  Totally rid my body of toxins and basically clean the slate.  I placed my order last night, and my three days worth of juices will arrive on Tuesday.  Yes, that’s right, I will be consuming nothing but juice for three days straight.  That’s four juices and two soups and nothing else for the whole of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  What the hell have I gotten myself into?!

I’ve done my research and read other bloggers experiences of the cleanse, so I totally know what to expect and have a rough idea of how it’ll make me feel (pretty bloody good by the end of it!).  Most of the bloggers who have done this are fitter than me and have greater will power when it comes to sweet treats and vices (except for maybe these guys), but I know I can do it.  I think it will be a fun, if not interesting experience and I’m looking forward to it.

I have chosen to cleanse with Urban Remedy, as there is so much information about them, and their process and customer service is really great.  Their website is super informative and clear, and all the reviews I have read have been really positive.

Once my cleanse is over, and I can start introducing food back into my system, I figure it would be the perfect time to really change what I eat and start the process of quitting sugar.

I know it’s going to be tough, but by putting it out there like this, I know you guys will hold me accountable and give me the motivation I need to succeed!

So, questions:

Has anyone else done this cleanse before?  What was your experience like?

Am I crazy to end my relationship with sugar?

And why does everyone suddenly decide cake is a good idea once you’ve made up your mind to go healthy?!


7 thoughts on “My Thyroid Made Me Do It!”

  1. Go Michelle – you can do it!! Will be very interested in seeing how you go with the cleanse and cutting sugar. I’m wanting to do something similar myself just to feel a little less lethargic so will look forward to hearing your feedback. :0)

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