Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse – Pre-Cleanse

Box of Goodness

My juice arrived today!!  I have been a little nervous, thinking about not eating for three whole days and what that might feel like (never mind my friend telling me I’ll be shitting my pants because of my liquid only intake!).  But once those juices arrived today, I started to get a little be excited.  Is that weird?

I have been watching what I eat the past few days.  I’ve cut out white food like pasta, rice and white bread; cut out sugar (well, added sugar at least – have still been eating fruit) and dairy.  I have only been drinking water (including sparkling) and herbal teas since Saturday, and I’ve also cut out red meat, processed food and sauces.

So, what have I been eating, may you ask?  Well, lots of vegetables, salads, chicken, fish, a bit of fruit, brown bread (I don’t think I could ever quit bread), and cereal (without the milk).

I do miss juice!  Water is so boring.  Seriously.  If anyone has any (non-sugar/fructose) related suggestions for things I could add to water to make it less average, then I’m all ears.

I think that is definitely one of the reasons I am looking forward to tomorrow – I’ll be drinking four juices and two soups, along with water and herbal tea, so I won’t have to rely on just water to keep me hydrated.

My Meals for Tomorrow. Eep!

Wish me luck, guys!


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