Urban Remedy Cleanse – Day One

So this morning started out much the same as any other, although it was blowing a gale outside!  After my shower, I had a mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon.  This is to stimulate my digestive system and get my body ready.  This has pretty much become habit for me, as I have been doing this over the past week in preparation for my cleanse.  It really helps, guys.  I’ve found that my breakfast now keeps me going until lunchtime, and I no longer need my 10am cup of tea and biscuits!

This morning I also took some cheeky measurements of my bust, waist and butt just to see if there would be a difference after the three days is up.  I’m not doing this cleanse to lose weight, but I have heard that many people do reduce their inches around these areas once the cleanse is done, so I thought it would be interesting to find out.  I’m not going to share my measurements with you today (so don’t even ask), but I will let you know at the end if there was any significant changes.

I decided to keep a wee journal throughout the day, so I didn’t have to think too much tonight while writing this out.  So, here is how my first day went!!  (I apologise in advance for all the “desk” photos – my bad).

9am – time for juice one of the day, and the cleanse.  Aside from my lemon water first thing this morning, I have only had a glass of water so far today.  Juice one is an Energising Smoothie and is made up of mixed berries, mango, banana, acai and chia.  It is super thick (my straw actually stands upright!), but delicious.  Banana is the strongest flavour here, and I just know this will keep me going until my next juice.

Oops, drank this one before I got a chance to take a decent pic!

10.10am – So it took like a whole hour to drink this smoothie!!  Omg.

11.40am – Oops, running late for my second drink – work has been very busy today!  But at least it has kept my mind off food.  Early days yet.  Drink two is a Metabolism Booster and is made up of lemon, cayenne pepper, stevia and water.  I was not looking forward to this one, as I’m not much of a pepper fan.  First sip went down okay, then I was hit with a strong pepper kick to the back of the throat.  If I drink it fast enough, I should be okay.  You can also drink this one hot, so I might try that tomorrow.

Totes not my fave

12pm – My throat is burning!!  Trying to drink this one quickly in-between work.

12.30pm – Feel a bit sick now that I have managed to finish juice two.

1pm – Feeling rather quite hungry now.  Am looking forward to my soup, but think I will wait until 1.30pm to dive in.  So far I am enjoying not having to think about what to eat, or having to make anything, but I do have a craving for pizza?!

1.40pm – Time for my Repairing Soup!  Filled with the goodness of lentils, tomato, carrot, celery, garlic, olive oil, rosemary and thyme, this is a delicious lunch even if you’re not on a cleanse!  The only thing missing is a piece of toast or naan bread to dip into it, haha.  It’s thick and hearty, which is perfect because it makes you almost feel like you are eating.  I’m not really craving proper food just yet, but have had a few rouge takeaway menus and sweet treats pop into my head so far this morning.

This could be anyones lunch

3.40pm – Aside from feeling quite thirsty this afternoon, my mind is clear and I haven’t experienced my usual 3pm slump!  After just refusing chocolate from a colleague (I wasn’t even slightly tempted, in case you were wondering), it’s time for juice number four – the Fat Buster!  Pineapple, Apple and Mint.  So refreshing, and sweet!!  I think this is my favourite juice so far.  It’s hit the spot quite nicely, and I love the sweetness of it, after having no sugar in my diet this week past.

Have I told you how much I like this juice??

5.30pm came around much too quickly, and I could have kept on working!  But, I had already out-stayed my welcome, so headed home.  It wasn’t until I was halfway there that I started to feel a bit tired.

Once home, I cooked up my second soup of the day – Purifying Soup, full of asparagus, leek, broccoli, green peas, raw cashews, olive oil, and cumin.  Another great soup!  It wasn’t as thick as the repairing soup, but it was just as delicious, with a soft kick from the cumin (those of you who can actually handle spice, probably wouldn’t have noticed it).

Dinner time!

8.10pm – the last juice of the day.  Calming Smoothie with coconut milk and water, raw cashews, raw cacao, stevia and water.  OMG.  This is the best juice of the day.  It’s like drinking a healthy chocolate milk.  This is the other juice you can drink hot or cold.  I’ve chosen to go cold tonight, but I might heat it up tomorrow and see if it’s like a hot chocolate!  Yummo.

I thought it would be hard not eating all day, and only drinking juices, but I’ve found that each juice takes quite a while to drink, and because I am so busy at work, I haven’t even really thought about or had time to eat – I think this cleanse would be much harder if you were at home all day.

So day one is nearly over, and it wasn’t nearly as tough as I expected it to be.  Which makes me really nervous for tomorrow!!  I’ve heard that many people suffer most of the side effects on day two, and generally start to feel like chewing something, or giving up altogether!  So far the only thing bothering me is that one side of my jaw is a bit sore.  I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been clenching it without realising, or because it wants to chew!  Am hoping it will ease overnight. 

Until Then…


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