Urban Remedy Cleanse – Day Three

Day Three Begins

Day Three, and I did not wake up feeling bloated!!  I also did not jump out of bed with a truck-full of energy, but that is besides the point.  I did get up earlier than usual to watch the Olympics – Mens 200m final with Usain Bolt, and what a race it was!  He is such a crack-up afterwards, making jokes and grabbing cameras of the paps, haha.  I love it.

But anyways, last night my partner asked if I had been craving anything since I’m not eating, and to be honest, I really haven’t?!  He came up with a few of my usual favourite foods, and I happily passed on all of them.  Until we talked about the magnificent Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting that I used to make.  Now, before you get too excited, it wasn’t them that got me craving, but it did remind me of the most amazeballs red velvet cookies with white chocolate chunks that I also used to make.  OMG, if someone came into my apartment with a tray full of those bad boys, I would have had a really hard time resisting.  I could just imagine the texture and taste, and I literally started salivating!

And then this morning on my way to work I could smell the aroma of bacon and eggs wafting through the streets, and I decided that I could totally go whatever that was right now.  But, here I am at work, about to start on Juice #1 for the third and final day.

I have found this whole process quite okay, and am wondering if maybe I should have gone for level 2?  Although to be fair, I didn’t know what to expect coming into this – how my body would react, so I think it has been a great learning curve for me in that sense.

8.50am – Juice One.  No change from yesterday, or the day before.  Whatevs.

10.30am – Okay so maybe it has taken day three of this cleanse for me to experience some of these side-effects I have been expecting.  I feel hungry and want biscuits.  I certainly do not want Juice 2.  On their website, Urban Remedy say that after the cleanse your body will be so happy that you will want fresh fruit and veggies and food that is good for you.  No thank you, I do not feel like tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, peas or corn.  I feel like biscuits.  Biscuits and donuts.  And maybe a warm croissant with ham and melted cheese.  Ooh yeah.

10.36am – I feel like I can smell a Bacon & Egg McMuffin right now.

11.05am – Juice Number Two.  We meet again.  Look I’m sure you are lovely and all, but unfortunately not everyone likes the same things, and there is a certain part of you that I just……I just can’t agree with.  It’s the pepper.  There I said it.  I really don’t like the cayenne pepper in this juice, and I know it’s good for me and my digestive system, but god it makes my mouth sting!  The back of my throat, my tongue, even my lips hurt!

I guess I kind of hoped that by now I would be used to this juice, but the fact remains that I really just don’t like it, and have to force it down.  In saying that, it’s the only juice out of the 6 that I don’t like, so the odds are in my favour!

11.26am – Have given up on that one.  I drank most of it, but I cannot take it anymore.  Buh-bye Metabolism Booster, was unpleasant knowing you!

12.53pm – Have been craving a ham and cheese toasted sandwich for the past hour.  I have no idea what I should eat tomorrow (once this is all over and done with), but I have a pretty good feeling that would not be a great idea.

1.20pm – Right now I am really quite glad that I am doing the winter cleanse.  My third juice of the day, or soup to be precise is warm and hearty and fills the void quite nicely.  Not as good as a bowl of beer battered fries, but it will do for now.

3.40pm – I got totally held up with work, so this juice is late today, but just as scrummy as ever.  I can hardly believe there are only two more juices to go!!

6pm – Dinner Time – I still really like the purifying soup, it is really delicious!  Have still been trying to figure out what to eat tomorrow.  My thoughts are mostly drifting toward food of the unhealthy variety, but I know I have to be strong and resist!

One more juice to go, and I think I will heat it up tonight, too.


4 thoughts on “Urban Remedy Cleanse – Day Three”

  1. i love that you were craving an egg mcmuffin, too funny! and that metabolism booster sounds nasty, yuck. congrats on getting through day 3 – feels good, doesn’t it? i felt guilty “eating” this morning so went with a smoothie to break the “fast”. stay strong – don’t give into the unhealthy foods that may taunt you!!!

  2. I just bought a three day-cleanse and should have them in a few days. Just reading blogs to suss out other peoples’ experiences. Thanks for sharing – I am actually looking forward to it, although I will be dying for some proper food come day 3!

    1. Good luck! When I first heard about juice cleansing, I found it really hard to find blogs with other people’s experiences, but it seems like more people are talking about it now which is great! I’m glad you liked mine 🙂

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