Urban Remedy Cleanse – Day Two

** Sorry for the late posting of this one!  I left my notes at work :S **

So I woke up today feeling quite tired and a bit bloated.  Awesome.  Where is this “jumping out of bed, ready to face the day” feeling I was meant to be experiencing?  Oh, and my jaw still hurts.

I have decided to better manage my juice times today, and to try and drink them all a bit faster than I did yesterday.  It feels like I was literally drinking juice or soup non-stop, and I don’t think my body had much time to rest in-between each one.  Also, having my last juice after 8pm felt a bit late.  Am hoping that if I have it earlier today, then I won’t feel bloated tomorrow.  I have also decided to ditch the straws, after reading last night that straws make you ingest air bubbles, which can also cause bloating.  Seems pretty obvs now that I think about it.

Again I started off with my hot water/lemon drink this morning, and followed it up with a few glasses of water.  One thing I have noticed is that I am constantly thirsty!  Seems ironic, since all I seem to be doing is drinking.

So, Day Two:

8.50am – Juice One.  Just as delicious as yesterday, and well needed, as I was feeling quite hungry on arrival to work.  It’s slightly harder to drink without a straw because it’s super thick!  But it is filling the void quite nicely.

Managed to get it down in about 15 minutes today, which is much better than the hour it took me yesterday!

10.55am – Juice Two.  Having this one warm today, and it is going down slightly easier.  Still my least favourite out of them all.  It’s the cayenne pepper, I tell you – she’s a bitch.

12.15pm – Oh so hungry!  And my throat still burns a little, even though I have had quite a few glasses of water since my second juice of the day.  At least I only have to drink this one more time!

1pm – Soup time!!  Do you know how awkward it is to use the staff lunchroom, grab your bottle of soup, and quickly chuck it in your mug without anyone seeing?!  Totes awks.  I’m not ashamed or embarrassed for doing this cleanse, but a lot of people just don’t get it, so I try and do this super quick so they can’t see, haha.

3pm –Time for my favourite juice!!  I heart juice #4.  I am slightly worried now because I am finding this whole process quite easy, and with my day being broken up so nicely with juices, it means I am taking some time away from my desk, which is great.  But, I don’t seem to be experiencing any of the side-effects so far (aside from needing to pee more often, but let’s be honest, I have a small bladder as it is), and I don’t really feel any different to any other day.  Slightly less bloated maybe, but the amount of water I am drinking, along with the juices, has kept my stomach pretty well full.  I hope I start experiencing some benefits soon!!  (Maybe I am, but I just don’t realise it?!)

5pm – Second soup time.  To be honest, I think I might skip this one tonight.  I feel really full and a bit bloated, and the last thing I feel like doing is having a huge bowl of soup!  At the moment, I am only drinking water because I am so thirsty, but I would be quite happy not even having to do that.

5.55pm – Finally feel like I can stomach some soup, and I surprisingly manage to eat the whole lot!  It helps that it is really delicious, and I was just a little bit hungry.

7pm – I heat up and enjoy the last juice of the day.  It goes down really nicely warmed up, and almost, almost tastes like a hot chocolate!  I nearly feel a bit guilty drinking this after my sugar-reduced diet of late.

9pm – I am feeling much less bloated than I was last night – I think that’s partly to do with not using straws today, partly to do with managing my juices better, and partly to do with having the last juice warm rather than cold.

In case you were wondering – still no major side-effects (which worries me for tomorrow!!), and my jaw is much better now.

Day Two, done and dusted – one day to go…


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