Post-Cleanse & General Ramblings

Okay, so you’re probably all dying to hear what I thought of the cleanse, and what I ate over the weekend?!  Do you people really have nothing better to do??  It is pretty fascinating though, trust me.

Anyhow, so I made it through a three-day winter juice cleanse unscathed.  I think in hindsight it was a good cleanse because I was super alert at work and didn’t have my usual 11am/3pm slumps.  I also lost an inch around my butt and thighs (but who’s counting?!) which was a nice bonus.  But that’s about where my benefits end, methinks.  My eyes weren’t clear and bright, my tummy did not get flatter (which makes me think my slight muffin top is fat and not the fluid retention I was hoping for!) and I wasn’t jumping out of bed with a new-found lease on life.  To each their own, I guess.

On Saturday, I decided to take it easy, and started off with a bowl of porridge – I didn’t add my usual heaped spoonful’s (yes, that’s plural) of brown sugar, but I did have a handful of raisins.  It went down nicely, and kept me going til lunchtime.  We were out at lunch, so I ordered a small pumpkin and chickpea salad and a bottle of water.  Because I got a drink, I was entitled to a complimentary focaccia, and I don’t know about you, but I am not the girl who turns down the offer of free food, especially of the breaded variety.  So I ate half of my salad and 3/4s of the bread.  Yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to eat white bread the day after a cleanse, but I really didn’t give a toss.  I felt fine after, so no harm done.

Once we got home, I finished off my salad – I seem to get hungry every two hours now that the cleanse is done!  And for dinner we bought a cooked chicken from the supermarket, which I ate with a whole grain bun and rocket.

On Sunday it was pretty much business as usual.  I guess since I didn’t have major side-effects from the cleanse, or get too hungry while I was on it, my body was totally fine with introducing food back into the system and it really wasn’t a big deal at all.

But, it has definitely made me think about what I eat.  I said that I had planned on quitting sugar, but after this cleanse, the thought of completely cutting out sugar (read: fruit) from my life is not a good one.  So instead I will continue my quest to phase it out.  I don’t usually add sugar to my food anyway, but from now on I aim to make sure that any food I do eat (minus the odd piece of fruit) has less than 3-6g of sugar per 100g or 100ml of content (anything over than that is not good for the body, as it doesn’t know how to break down the fructose and turns it to fat instead, eep!), and cut out the processed/packaged food that I have become so accustomed to. 

I have also decided to go to the gym.  Omg, I know, right?!  Seriously you guys, there is a gym in my apartment building.  A proper one with lots of lovely equipment and buff personal trainers.  They also have television screens on each of the bikes/step machines!  So I can totes watch tele while I work my butt and thighs into oblivion.  The sad part is that I have only been to this gym once, and I have lived in my current apartment for a whole year.  Don’t judge me.

This morning I decided to change all that.  I got up at 6am, chucked on my sneakers and worked that step machine for half an hour.  Somehow I still managed to get to work at my usual time, so it totally did not affect my morning routine.  In fact, I think it kind of made it better?

My main problem with gyming is that I hate getting all hot and sweaty.  I so don’t look cute and it really makes me feel gross.  But, the good part about gyming in the morning is that no-one cares if you have just rolled out of bed, it’s still dark out, and then you can come home to a warm shower and make yourself all purty for the day ahead.  Plus I feel like I have a bit more energy than usual.

So that’s my new plan.

Any questions?


4 thoughts on “Post-Cleanse & General Ramblings”

  1. Yay for you Michelle – congrats on surviving your cleanse, funny old thing sugar I decided to cut sugar out slowly i.e. no longer having sugar in my coffee but noticed I started eating more and more sugary items like chocolate, cakes, etc. So have decided that one sugar in my coffee isn’t that bad after all if it stops me from eating rubbish food. Good for you on getting into the gym, nothing better than doing something purely for yourself that makes you feel that little bit more virtuous :0)

    1. Thanks Jess! You are so right! It’s all relative, I guess. I think I’ve decided that if I go to the gym each morning then it’s okay if I have a little bit of sugar throughout the day 🙂

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