Working Out is Hard to Do

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Well, I think last week was pretty much a success!  I got up every day at 6am – weekends do not count, as both Saturdays and Sundays are days of rest….Or hiring a car and road-tripping!  Either way, exercise is optional.  And I totes opted out.

 Monday and Tuesday I hit the gym.  Monday was fantastic!  But on Tuesday I just wasn’t feeling it.  I think two days in a row did not agree with my body, since this whole thing is pretty new to me.  So on Wednesday I did some stretches at home instead.  Thursday I was back at the gym and back in the swing of feeling fabulous.  On Friday I planned on going for a walk, but it was so cold and really dark out (and I have a huge stranger-danger fear walking alone in the day time let alone 6 in the morning!), so I stretched at home instead.

 Over the weekend I did a bit of walking about while we explored a few areas out-of-town (Torquay/Apollo Bay and Daylesford).  It was so nice to get out of the city, but I did get a bit carsick at one point, on account of all the winding roads!  Plus I haven’t really been in a car since January, so there’s that too.

 This week I was back at the gym today and on Monday, while yesterday I tried some new stretches at home and my abs are still aching.  That Women’s Health magazine subscription is finally paying off!

 So my gym routine is pretty blah really.  I’m not a fan of the weights, and have a fear of personal trainers and gym buffs, so I pretty much stick to myself.  I alternate between using the cross trainer, and the two stationary bikes (one is more like a normal bike, but the other has a back to the seat and your legs are more out in front of you.  You know, these ones?).  I pick two machines and do 15 minutes on each, cos I really don’t have that much spare time in the morning.  But I find that a half hour workout is enough to make me sweat, work my muscles and energize me for the day ahead.  Once I get better at this, I will increase the resistance on the machines and push myself a bit harder.  Today I tried a new machine – it’s a step machine where you basically have to step and hold yourself up.  It was okay, I got the hang of it about halfway through the session, and pretended I knew what the heck I was doing if ever anyone walked past!  Apparently I walked the equivalent of 33 floors, although who’s counting?!

 So basically, I am enjoying this new-found energy and although it was tough getting up so early to begin with, I’ve now gotten into the rhythm and I’ve found that allowing myself small treats now and then (yeah, that quitting sugar thing is a work in progress!) definitely keeps me motivated to get out of bed in the morning.

 I’m hoping that my routine is doing something – today my abs feel tighter and I hope that my legs and butt are firming up, but how do you really know, right?  I’m not about to start weighing and measuring myself daily, that’s for sure.  I could probably use some assistance in the general gym equipment area, so now my questions for you are:

 What is a good phone app to use for your gym workout?

Which machines do you find give you the best results?

9 thoughts on “Working Out is Hard to Do”

  1. I am the most adored Personal Trainer on the planet. Check out my motivation feature in my blog and go to my soundcloud for uniterrupted mixes of commercial and classic tunes.

    The rowing machine gets you the best results but requires discipline. Spin class is more enjoyable and delivers great results. I have seen women look amazing after just 2 months of regular spin classes. Good for me because I teach it, but bad because I get no PT 😦

  2. Is running something you think you’d be interested in getting into? There are several apps around to help you with a programme called “Couch to 5k”, which takes you from having no running experience whatsoever to being able to run a whole 5km race unassisted and without stopping.

    It’s a programme I started a couple of months ago and am working through at my own pace.

    Also, if you’re keen to keep adding to your workouts at home, have you thought about the 200 squat challenge? It’s another well paced programme to get you to your goal – there are a few of us doing it at the moment if you’re keen to join us!

    1. Thanks for the tips! I will look into both of those programmes, they sound really good, and like something I might actually be able to do, ease myself into it, you know? And hey, if it means I can possibly achieve a fantastic arse, then I am all ears!

  3. okay, i’m going to say it (even though you might shudder at the thought): treadmill! you don’t have to run if you don’t want to, but it’s a great machine to walk on…and avoid that early morning stranger danger! but you should totally give running a try!

    1. Oh geez, you know I really do hate the idea of the treadmill! And running. I almost fainted the last time I tried it. But, I have decided that I am totally going to give the treadmill a chance! Maybe tomorrow.

  4. I’m a treadmill queen. And by “Queen” I mean am awesome at hating the hell out of it 😉
    Good for you for getting your butt there- that’s the hardest part!!

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