This Week I’m Loving…

How can it be that time of the week again?! Seriously, the days and weeks and months are going so fast right now. Spring has finally sprung, which means Summer is just around the corner, yay! I’ve discovered a few wee gems this week that I want to share with ya’ll, so I hope you enjoy!

1. My Robot is Better than Your Robot. I absolutely love this video! I think it’s so great when celebs use their powers for good rather than evil, and in this case it is to promote Science!

2. Having already made a few online purchases last week, I really did not need to find out about a new amazing website, but nonetheless I was introduced to ModCloth this week, fell in love and totally bought stuff. Oops.

3. I also got crazy obsessed with a new game for my ipad – Supermagical. I literally played this for like two hours straight. It has a good storyline, cute characters and is so easy to play! Well, it was until I got to a really hard level that I can’t pass. Damn those little Minix dudes.

You’re so Little and Cute – Why Can I Not Beat You?!

4. And speaking of my ipad – I can now use Pinterest on it!! How excited was I to find out that Pinterest is finally available on tablets – no longer do I have to scroll through little images of baked donuts – I can now see them clearly on my larger ipad screen.

5. I love, love love the art of Diesel & Juice – if I could stop spending my hard-earned cash on dresses, pocket watches and books then I would totally get Michele to make a print of my bunny!

6. And last, but not least, if I could come up with a good enough story (with more than one ending), I would totally have a go at the Inklewriter! Remember the “pick-a-path” books we used to read as kids? Well, now you can easily write one yourself. Pretty cool, huh?

Hope you have all had a great week, and an even better weekend!


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