This Week I’m Loving…

That about wraps up another week, friends.  Is it just me, or can anyone else totally not believe it is nearly October?!  September, you came and went too quickly for this girl.  In saying that, I am glad we have seen the sun again and am so looking forward to the Summer!  Bring on a ton of gym sessions and fake tan and I will nearly be ready to face the public glare in my bikini.

In the meantime though, here are the things I covet this week:

1.       My Modcloth order arrived on Monday!  I ordered two dresses and a t-shirt and am actually happy with them all – was even able to wear the t-shirt yesterday – thank you 23 degrees.

2.       The Killers are doing a show in January and we somehow managed to get tickets?!  Apparently they sold out in like 2 minutes.  For reals.  If it weren’t for the dedication of my partner in crime, I fear we would have missed out – which we so were not prepared to do as we missed out on seeing them last time.

3.       I mentioned in my last post that I now have a kick-ass office set up in my apartment now.  It is so great to be able to sit at an actual desk with an actual chair to use my laptop.  Yeah, I know right, but have you ever used a laptop on your lap before?  Not advisable.  So I have a cute lamp and some plantage happening and I am really digging this space.


4.       I am a huge jtb and shutts fan, but over the past few months have gotten super behind on their podcast.  So this week I have downloaded them and have listened every chance I got.  I’m talking at the gym, on my way to and from work, and one day I even listened while I was working.  They have been in my earballs all week and I’m nearly caught up.  The only downside is looking like a complete noob as I giggle away to myself walking out and about in the real world.  It’s a small price to pay, folks.

Joy The Baker Podcast – Get On It

5.       So I also mentioned somewhere along the way that I was doing the couch to 5k challenge?  Maybe?  I can’t remember.  Anyways, so far so good, considering my previous attempts at running only lasted for a minute or so and ended with my nearly fainting and feeling like I was about to die.  Dramatic much?  I am using the ease into 5k app and really like how simple and easy it is to use.  I can listen to my own music (or podcast) as I train, and because it alternates between walking and jogging/running I am not getting the omg-I-am-going-to-die feeling that I would get if I straight out ran.  Also, you dont even have to really think about what you are doing, as the trainer in the app tells you when its time to run and when it’s time to jog.  The less thinking I have to do, the better, so that is a big high-five from me.

My Own Personal Trainer

6.       Last weekend we hired a car and took a mini road trip out-of-town.  We somehow ended up at Ballarat Bird World, which sounded totally lame and we were like the only visitors there.  But, if you don’t try these things you never know, right?!  Turned out to be the best part of the weekend – owned by a lovely older couple, the area is really well maintained and has a huge range of parrots and cockatoos.  We even got to enter one of the enclosures and meet Little Bugg(er) up close and personal.  He was the coolest bird I have ever met in my life and I’m pretty sure we’re bffs now.

I’m Smiling on the Outside, but also Wondering if he’s About to Eat my Face off

7.       Also, this pizza we made last night was the bomb!

Jealous Much?

Hope you’re all having a great weekend and Monday isn’t too hard.

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