This Week I’m Loving: Pinterest Edition

In case you didn’t already know, I am a huge Pinterest fan.  Huge.  I love how there is an image available for just about anything you could imagine, and if there isn’t, then you just go ahead and Google the crap out of it and pin that sh*t yourself.  The organiser in me loves that you can set up different boards to keep your pins themed up.  And I totally love it when people re-pin something I have pinned, even though it wasn’t my original pin to start with.  But most of all I love that the pins take you (if they have been pinned properly) directly to the website or blog that the image came from, which is so neat.

Like most people I know, I spend much of my time on Pinterest re-pinning or finding lovely images to post on my 21 boards, sticking them on there (comments and all) and thinking nothing more of it.  But, I now have the satisfaction of actually using some of my pinspiration (see what I did there?) in my real life!  Who would have thought?!  So this week I’d like to share some of the pins that I have actually used in the real world.  FYI – the links will take you to the actual website the pins came from so you can check them out yourself!  Don’t say I don’t do anything nice for you.

1. Pineapple Pecan Chicken Salad, ya’ll!  Was super simple to make and tasted oh so fresh and delicious.  Will defo make again.

2. Baked Lemon Lavender Donuts.  When we went to Daylesford a couple of months ago I bought some culinary lavender and proceeded to scour pinterest for ideas to use it.  I had never cooked with it before, and although the donuts were quite delicious and tangy, they were also kind of weird.  Acquired taste, maybe?

3. I totally made this hair comb!  No mine does not look as cute as this one, and no I do not want to show you.

4. This looked so gorgeous that the next time I went to Daiso, I found some heart molds and made some.  That was a little while ago now and they are still sitting in my freezer, not coming out of their molds.  Damn you, hard plastic!  I will get on to that one of these days.

5. Also known as Bircher Muesli, this no-cook oatmeal was a hit!  I made two kinds – I wasn’t such a fan of the peanut butter one, but I substituted peaches in the mango one and really liked that.  I have since continued to make Bircher muesli on a smaller scale, as my mason jars are slightly too large for one meal for me.

6. Pinterest is a breeding ground for beauty and makeup tips, which is fabulous for a simple gal like me.  I tried and loved this eye tutorial, and will probably keep coming back to it.

7. My makeup has looked fabulous this weekend (no sheen on my forehead!) thanks to this tutorial – seems so simple now, but it really improved my foundation application.  Defo check this one, ladies!!

8. After seeing this phone cover, I literally was straight on ebay and bought one!  It was super cute.  But, after having to cut out a camera hole on the back (really, it did not have one??), looking like a noob with a book against the side of my head when taking calls (I don’t always have time to shove my earphones in), and realising that it kind of looks like a mini bible, this cover has quickly lost its appeal.  #seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime

9. Who’s up for a 30 day photo challenge??!  Just me, then?  Yes, I am totally going to do this.  Starting tomorrow.  October is going to be awesome!

10. Finally, there is like a bazillion Christmas ideas on this thing.  Trust me, I literally spent over an hour last night looking.  There are so many things I want to try that I most likely won’t because I am lazy/boring/great at procrastinating, but this is one that is so simple and easy, even I can manage it.  Just chuck a few baubles around a candle in a big vase and you have an instant Christmas deco.  You’re welcome.

So there you have it.  If you’re not gagging to get on Pinterest right now, then we totally can’t be friends anymore.  Unless of course you are still interested in reading my blog after making it through this drivel, then we are totally still friends.  Clearly, I need every last one I can get!

Are you on Pinterest?  Does it take up your whole weekend?  And, have you ever made/bought anything you’ve pinned before?


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