This Week I’m Loving…

I feel like I am always saying this, but the weeks are going so fast right now!  Christmas is only like 10 weeks away, which kind of scares me as I have no idea what to buy for anyone.  And I know, I know it’s not all about the presents, it’s the thought that counts and Jesus is the reason for the season, yada yada.  But let’s be real – if you get someone a dud gift, it’s totally awkward.  Even if you’re in a different country talking to your family through a computer screen, facial expressions do not lie folks.

But also I am excited.  Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I love everything about it, besides those last-minute shoppers who make any trip to a mall or shopping centre a complete nightmare.  I love the food, the carols, all the Christmas decorations, and of course the perfectly wrapped presents laid under the tree.  Sigh.

Apparently it’s too soon to get all the Christmas stuff out just yet, but the shops are totally doing it.  Just saying.

So until it’s okay to throw a bunch of Christmas stuff at you, here are some other things that are pretty awesome:

Pez.  Am I right?!  Having lived in New Zealand and Australia, I had never actually tried Pez until last weekend when I found a super-cute Hello Kitty one in a toy store.  Yeah, I was in there getting a new Lego figurine, whatevs.  So I bought one to see what all the fuss was about, and boy was that a mistake.  Those little sweet treats did not last long in my life and now I’m on the hunt for more refills.  Or a new dispenser – I could soo make a collection out of those things.

My New Bookcase!!  Would you believe me if I said that when we moved to Australia in June last year I only bought two of these books with me??  What can I say, I love to read.  So this bookcase was totally a requirement.  And you would be right if you thought that I got a little carried away buying accessories for this thing.

See if you can spot the Hello Kitty Dispenser and Lego Dudes!!

So for the past three or four months at work I have been putting most of my efforts into our 2013 Catalogue.  We sell resources for schools and have A LOT of books.  My job was to put the content for the catalogue together and work with the editors and designers to get it looking and sounding just right.  I didn’t work on it by myself and had lots of help from others, but I’m still totally proud to say that it is now printed and will be distributed to schools next week!!  I really enjoyed the process and am kind of looking forward to doing it all again next year.

I also bought some cute phone covers a little while ago as my “book” cover was not working out so well.  They arrived this week and now I feel like I am spoilt for choice.  And kind of wanting to eat the cookie one.

Too Much? #totaliphonenoob

Also, I only went to the gym once this week.  Oops.  I feel very gross and a bit unhappy with myself, which I’m taking as a good thing.  Next week I plan on going every day, see how that works out.

Pretty exciting week, huh?!

What have you guys been up to?  Does anyone else LOVE Christmas season?  And what’s your go-to reaction if you get a dud gift?


2 thoughts on “This Week I’m Loving…”

    1. Thank you! Does having a Hello Kitty pez make me cooler or lamer? I can’t decide. I love my phone covers – I won’t even admit how long I spent on ebay before settling on those ones! 🙂

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