30 Day Photo Challenge: Take Two

Well it’s that time again folks!  Actually, I’m five days overdue, but who’s really counting.

Here are the next 10 photos in my 30 day photo challenge!

You can see the first 10 here.

Day 11 – Something Old.  This is my favourite photo of Neuschwanstein Castle in the Black Forest of Germany.  I had always wanted to visit this castle and got the chance in January last year.  Was amazing!

Day 12 – Hands.  My partner suggested this shot as it would be different to everyone elses.  I think he just didn’t want to hold my hand that day.

Day 13 – Written Words.  Nothing profound here, just a grocery list.

Day 14 – Movement.

Day 15 -Technology.  I was totally surfing the net for a recipe for lunch!  I found a yummy sounding salad on Shutterbean and needed to check the recipe before having a go – of course I altered it ever so slightly.  Recipe to come!

You might be able to spot some of the ingredients in the Day 13 photo!

Day 16 – Animals.  I love this photo so much!  This is my beautiful bunny Baylee and our family dog, Annie who sadly passed away early last year.  My parents were so kind and looked after Baylee for a few months a couple of years ago and she and Annie became firm friends.  Baylee would follow Annie around the house and Annie would sleep right up against Baylee’s bunny hutch each night.  I felt bad for old Annie when we took Baylee back to our place – I felt like I was taking her friend away 😦

Day 17 – Memories.  This is my favourite photo of my sisters and I, taken at Christmas 2008.  Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I miss hanging out with those girls.

Day 18 – Something New.  Lamest photo of the bunch, but this is a new fixture in my room and I think it is super cute!

Day 19 – Best Friend.  Speaks for itself really.  Although maybes not, because when I posted it on Facebook, my Mum asked if I my feet were my best friend.  I didn’t think life was that sad, but I guess if you don’t ask, you won’t know!

Day 20 – Seasonal.  It is Spring here in Melbourne, although you often wouldn’t know it.  Most days it feels more like that limbo between Autumn and Winter, but on this day the sun was out, the sky was blue, and it ALMOST felt like Spring.  I even got a little sunburnt!

Stay tuned for the next episode!


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