This Week I’m Loving…

Well, what a week it has been! It started off with me fearing for my life and didn’t get much better. Work was okay, nothing too exciting. I went to the gym and ran for 20 minutes straight – also not exciting at the time, but I felt pretty dang good afterwards. Then yesterday I woke up in the wee hours with the world’s worst migraine. Legit. Now I’m not one for taking painkillers – I usually deal with any headache that crosses my brain and get on with my life. The only time I reach for the painkillers is when I get a migraine. Usually I know when I’m about to get one because firstly my vision gets super sharp. To the point of being uncomfortable to look at anything. Then I get a flicker in one or both of my eyes that starts off really minor and then gradually gets worse and spreads across my vision with its floaty bubbly patterns to the point that I am pretty much blind. Once that fades away (around 30mins to an hour) the headache kicks in, I run and find a dark quiet place and sleep that b@#tch off. The length of suffrage varies, but I always feel wiped out and raw-brained afterwards.

This time though, it came with no warning. I was minding my own business in the land of nod until a sharp pain in the back of my eye woke me up. Thinking it was “just a headache” I attempted to go back to sleep. It didn’t take me long to realize this was worse than your average so  up I got to try to relieve it with pain killers. Yeah, they did nothing. The pain got worse and I started to feel super nauseous. I knew getting back to sleep would be futile so I tried my best to deal with the troupe of spike-booted head-bangers thrashing around in my skull. Eventually my body couldn’t take it anymore and I threw up. Twice. So not cute. The migraine lasted for hours more after that, my apartment was not dark enough for me to be completely comfortable and I felt like I was going to be sick again for most of the day. Awesome.

Luckily I have a wonderful and understanding partner who waited on me hand and foot, providing cold flannels, glasses of water and a bucket just in case. No, I didn’t use it.

Do you want to know the worst part, though? Last year I got a prescription from my doctor for some migraine tablets, but never quite got around to getting them. I have had a couple of migraines since, but nothing serious enough for me to get off my arse and get those damned tablets. So today I decided that the day had finally come. I needed to have them on hand in case this happens again because it totally was not fun. But nobody told me that prescriptions are only valid for a year. And mine was dated 24/10/2011. FML

On the positive side though, here is what you actually came here to see, my loves this week!

I really want one of these prints, but due to my lack of self control lately I have been trying my hardest not to look at them for fear that my hands will go ahead and Paypal that before my brain even realises what is going on. The artist also has a blog which is super cute, too – I just adore her “The Table” collection. Swoon.

I’ve found another cute and addictive game on my phone! This one is called Super Penguins, I’m not very good and I feel bad when they crash into the rocks like this, but it is a lot of fun!

Sorry Pingu!

So I finished reading Bridget Jones this week! I had seen both movies years ago and always wanted to read the books. A light an easy read, I read them one after the other, and I’m sure any chick who has ever been single in her life will totally relate to Bridge. Loved it.

I am a huge Macaron fan. Huge. I even tried to bake them once. Yes, just the once – they are hard, okay?! But I have to admit, until this week I hadn’t sampled one of these tasty morsels for quite some time. Actually, that is a lie. I totally had one last week at an afternoon tea for work, oops! Well, before that it had been months and months. So when my partner bought a box home this week I was uber excited!

Is it just me, or is this one of the weirdest pieces of art you’ve seen?! I spotted this at the Art Centre here in Melbourne and was so wtf I had to capture it!

Yes, you are looking at Sheep fooling around in some sort of underground transportation system?!

Also – this has been making the rounds in social media and is both terrifying and kind of cute! Happy Halloween!!


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