Christmas is here!!

Okay I need to clear a couple of things up. Firstly, it doesn’t snow during the Christmas season in Australia. Although last year we did experience a mean storm with tennis ball sized hail wreaking havoc on Christmas Day, but that is far from the norm.

Secondly, this new theme has nothing to do with Christmas, but it does appeal to the organiser in me, so I am going with it anyway. Besides, it’s called Choco and I do fancy chocolate.

Thirdly, I have chosen to go with the neat effect of activating the falling snow on my blog. Sure, everyone else is probably doing it, but I think it looks nice, it does remind me of Christmas (I blame all the festive American holiday movies for that) and there was no option for a Southern Hemisphere effect, so snow it is!

I hope everyone else is as excited about the festive season as I am!

I love a good collage
I love a good collage

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