Christmas Eve

Seeing as the world didn’t end and all, we can now get really excited about Christmas! It is Christmas Eve here and I am definitely feeling the spirit this year. Pre December 21, 2012 I tried to take a modest approach to the festive season, for fear of it all being ripped out from under me. But now that work is over for the year, the world is still turning, Christmas carols are on repeat and I witnessed an epic firework show last night, I think I’m safe to relax and take it all in.

Living in a different country from my family feels a little harder at this time of year, which is one reason why I am so glad that I live in the digital age – they are only a Skype call away! It’s totally not the same as being there, but seeing their happy and shiny faces on Christmas Day is pretty rad.

I’ve nearly reached a blog milestone – I’m coming up to my one-year anniversary! So I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has been reading and following along in my rambles, I really appreciate it and have enjoyed finding some new blog inspiration and possibly even some new friends.

I hope you all have a magical Christmas, whatever the day brings you and whomever you share it with.

Merry Christmas to Me!
Merry Christmas to Me!



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