A Bunny Named Baylee

It may surprise some of you to know that I have a pet rabbit. The fact that she is still living in Christchurch and I am living in Melbourne does not change this one jot. The plan is still to bring her over here when we can. Certain circumstances have meant that we’ve not yet been able to, but there is no way we want to pass her on to someone else after all we’ve been through with her.

While watching this super cute video this morning, I was reminded of our bunny, and wanted to share her with you.

Meet Baylee!


Baylee is a grey mini lop and one of the cutest critters I have ever met. We got her in 2008 and for the first three years of her life (minus a brief stint in 2009) she was a princess bunny living indoors in a grand rabbit hutch and having free reign of the house.

The first time we met!
The first time we met!

A lot of people thought it was weird to have an indoor rabbit, and the fact that we were able to train her surprised many. That’s right, Baylee is toilet-trained! She uses a litter box and has actually been known to dash inside after spending time outdoors to do her business in the litter box!

We also trained her to go up and down the stairs of one of the houses we were renting at the time, which is why the video reminded me of this. She was so tiny compared to the steps, but it didn’t take long for her to give it a go and before we knew it, she was up and down those things like a pro!

Um, don't mind me, I'll just sit here a while...
Um, don’t mind me, I’ll just sit here a while…

She used to hang out with us in the lounge at night and when it was time for bed, we would say “bedtime!” and just like a child she would ignore us and stay put. So we’d turn off the lights and start walking up the stairs (where all the bedrooms were) and literally within minutes she was straight up after us!

Once, after a few too many greens, she developed a bit of a messy rear end and we had no choice but to bathe her. Now, bunnies don’t really like water and Baylee especially doesn’t like getting her feet wet so this was not an enjoyable moment for her. I think she realised we were only trying to help, so after a few failed attempts at scaling the bath walls, she gave in and let us get down to work. If you have never seen a sopping wet bunny before, then this should bring a smile to your face! Poor thing. We tried drying her off with a towel, but I think we had reached her capacity of tolerance by this stage as she wasn’t having a bar of it!

I think this is where the expression "drowned rat" comes from
I think this is where the expression “drowned rat” comes from

She loves having her ears rubbed and will sit for hours grinding her teeth with pleasure. If you lay on the floor for long enough, she’ll hop over and nudge you for a pet, and lick your nose for more ear scratching if you stop.

She also likes to chew power cables and almost blew my laptop up once. I’m surprised she didn’t electrocute herself to be honest. We’ve had to replace various phone cords, computer cords and mice because of her incessant chewing. There is also no area of her hutch that hasn’t got bunny bites in it.

Don't look at me, I didn't do it!
Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it!


Although she’s had a blessed life, it hasn’t been without injury. Unfortunately poor Baylee has broken 3 of her 4 legs in her short life so far (not at the same time, mind), and although we really had to consider if her life was worth living, she gave us plenty of indication that she wasn’t ready to give up just yet. Her last break was over a year ago now and she’s healthy and happy as ever with her carers.


She’s endured five house changes, all the Christchurch earthquakes, including living in the boot of our car for a few days when we fled the big February 22nd one, and various neighbourhood cats who have taken an interest in our bunny.

Car Swatter!
Car Swatter!

She’s sweet, she’s cute and she has major attitude. I would recommend a house bunny for anyone with the capacity to look after one. She’s pretty low maintenance, eating pellets and fresh fruit and vegetables; she cleans herself (although you do have to change her bedding and litter often); and she’s sociable most of the time, loving attention and companionship.


And hopefully one day soon she’ll love Melbourne, too!



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