Music Makes Memories

The brain is a wonderful thing. A simple song or smell can evoke a range of memories and images within seconds!

The other day I was listening to an amazing playlist that I had put together (modest much?!) and I was met with a rush of memories that made me smile to myself as I sang along. It got me thinking about the songs that bring the most vivid memories for me, and I wanted to share them with you guys in the hopes you’ll do the same!

The song that started it all was this one:

I’m a huge Empire Records fan, and those of you who have seen the movie may remember that this song plays at the very end, while they’re all dancing on the roof of the store. But, to be honest, it’s actually not the movie that this song reminds me of. Whenever I hear it, I instead go back in time about 10 years ago when I was a poor student living in Dunedin. My flatmates were my best friends and we used to have great parties at our place every weekend. A couple of our friends were really into making up party playlists and it turned into a bit of a competition. This song was a favourite of all of ours and was one we played a lot. It reminds me of being young and carefree, and the lyrics really speak to that time in my life where my biggest worry was passing my assignments and finding money for alcohol!

Another song that takes me back to my student days is this one:

We used to sing this at least twice every Saturday night before heading into town. We actually felt like we couldn’t leave the house until we had belted this out at the top of our lungs, we loved it that much. It was also a time in my life were I was on-again/off-again with a dude and the album now reminds me of him and I couldn’t listen to it for ages after we broke up. Sad times.

Now to wind the clock back even further – I’m talking 20-odd years ago – is this classic:

Every summer when I was growing up, we used to camp at Bannockburn, in Central Otago. This was back in the days when John Farnham was in his element and our Mums thought he was a spunk. We were taught the moves for this song, and to this day my Mum insists we dance along whenever it comes on the radio!

A more recent flashback from two years ago is this amazing track:

I love this song. So much. It reminds me of one of the most independent times in my life, when I was living in Christchurch – I had a car with a decent sound system and was able to drive myself wherever I pleased. I mostly drove alone and had the best car concerts ever! I’m talking speakers at full blast and me singing like no-one was watching/listening. Even if they totally were. Whatevs.

So, now it’s your turn – what songs take you back in time and why?!



2 thoughts on “Music Makes Memories”

  1. I heard the song “Goodies” by Ciara the other day and it totally took me back to my undergrad clubbing days lol. I also recently added “Creep” by TLC to my running playlist. Amazing.

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