The Joys of Kicking Stress’ Butt

So recently I wrote about what I planned to do to reduce the stress in my life. It’s funny how things work out because after I wrote that post, my life seemed to quieten down on its own accord. Way to go, life!

The month of March is a distant blur that got crazy-busy again halfway through – swings and roundabouts people!

Now we’re a week into April, I thought it would be nice to re-visit that post and let you guys know how my de-stress suggestions are working, because let’s be honest, I am totes using them now!

So I went ahead and bought a proper Essential Oil and a cheap oil burner, and am so glad I did! I got ‘Air’ from the Perfect Potion ‘Five Elements’ range. It’s light, breezy and woody smelling and really makes me feel like I’m on holiday in a log cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere (but not in the creepy ‘psycho-killer in the bushes’ kind of way). It’s made up of a blend of Lemon, Lavender and Eucalyptus oils, so it’s not only relaxing, but refreshing and uplifting too! I want to feel calm, but I don’t want to be sleepy, so this blend is perfect for me.

Inviting, no?

Clearly I haven’t been spending 1-2 hours per week on my blog, and I also haven’t really got ‘Pamper Saturday’ going either. In fact I haven’t pampered myself at all, unless you count shoving a bunch of chocolate down my throat on a weekly basis! To counteract that though, I have started eating healthier by ensuring I include fruit and/or salad with all my meals, and adding gogi berries, chia seeds and greek yoghurt to my breakfast cereal. It’s so good, I’ve even taken it to work for lunch a few times.

I have really focussed on making and sticking to a ‘To Do’ list at work though. This past week I have really needed it! At the start of each day, I clear out my inbox and make note of all the emails that need urgent attention. I add them, along with anything else to my To Do list and slowly but surely cross things off. If something urgent comes up, I just add it to my list. I also made sure to check emails less often and have slowly gotten into the habit of not replying right away unless it’s super urgent. One of my biggest weaknesses at work is not being able to say ‘no’, and feeling like everything anyone sends me needs to be dealt with asap. People totally just take advantage of that, you guys! So I have really made an effort to finish what I am doing, or simply just wait a while before responding or actioning a non-urgent request from someone in the office. It has totally reduced my stress levels, and makes me feel in control of my day, so is definitely worth it.

List has been blurred for its own protection.
List has been blurred for its own protection.

Also, I no longer freak out if I don’t get everything done – there are only so many hours in the day, and I don’t get paid for overtime, so if there’s anything left on my list, I just transfer it to the next days list – easy.

I still can be a major stress-head at times, but these little tips and tricks are working to reduce that, which makes me feel a tonne better!



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