30 Things to do Before 30: Re-Visited

I can’t believe it is that time of year again, but my birthday is just around the corner! So to commiserate celebrate, I thought I should look back at my 30 Things to Do before 30 list and start freaking out see what else I need to cross off in the next year, eep!

  1. Accept more Invites – Say Yes! – Am totes doing this, but it’s a constant goal.
  2. Take a Visual Merchandising Job/Course
  3. Attend a Cupcake Decorating Lesson
  4. Learn to Play the Drums………Not looking too promising so far, is it?!
  5. Be Able to Walk in Heels – I don’t wear heels often, but I’m certainly not at clumsy as I used to be, so am happy to cross this one off!
  6. Eat a Crossiant in France
  7. Complete 3x Cross-Stitches – Oh geez, I still haven’t finished one yet!
  8. Get a Radical Haircut
  9. Attend a Photography Class – Check out my Melbourne Photography Walk post
  10. Learn a New Dance – I totally learnt some Bollywood moves……..in public……..there’s a video somewhere to prove it!
  11. Get my Full Licence
  12. Learn how to Change Tyre/Oil
  13. See a Favourite Band/Artist Live – Living in Melbourne, I have had the joy of seeing many of my favourites, which has been amazing.
  14. Take a Swift for a Test Drive
  15. See More of the World
  16. Buy a One-Way Ticket Overseas
  17. Take my nieces out for the Day
  18. Get Body Art
  19. Host a Dinner Party
  20. Spend the Night in a 5-Star Hotel with all the Trimmings
  21. Make an Extravagant Purchase – Forget one, I have now made a few! #humblebrag
  22. Have a Girlie Weekend with Friends
  23. Take a Spa Day
  24. Treat Mum and Bruce out for Dinner – should be able to cross this one off soon!
  25. Get a (healthy) tan
  26. Write a Short Story
  27. Have a Scrap Page/Idea Published
  28. Own at least 5x Dresses, and Actually Wear Them! – I am now wearing dresses to work more often than pants, yay.
  29. Go up the Chairlift with my Snowboard
  30. Pick 1x Recipe Book and Cook all the Cupcakes in it – Oh crapbags!

So I only have one year left and 19 things to cross of my list! Excuse me while I go and breathe rapidly into a paper bag!! Oh well, I guess there’s no denying that this next year of my life is going to have to be interesting and full! And hey, if I don’t cross absolutely everything off, I’m actually totally fine with that. So long as I give everything a good crack I think I will be satisfied. And let’s be honest, if not, it can just go on my 50 Things to do before 50 List. Just kidding, that’s totally not even a thing. Yet.


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