Wish You Were Here: London, England

1-3 May

I can hardly believe the trip we have been planning for so long is finally here! It took 21 hours for us to get to London from Melbourne and by the time we checked into our accommodation we were buggered! We took a quick tour of the area, before having dinner and then calling it a night, both sound asleep by 8.30pm local time! The earliest night I’ve had in years.

Yesterday we did all the touristy things like seeing Buckingham Palace and ‘the changing of the guard’ – what a crazy event that is, amiright?! We took a trip on The London Eye, saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Parliament. We walked the streets, getting lost in the sights and sounds of London. Somehow we even stumbled upon the world premier of the new Star Trek movie and ladies, Chris Pine is as good looking in person as he is on the silver screen #justsaying.

We ended the day by seeing the stage show STOMP – I have always wanted to see this live and it really did not disappoint! Those guys are totes amaze!! Was brilliant.

This morning we headed straight for Kings Cross station (although it’s only been a day, we feel right at home using the underground!) where we got to see Platform 9 3/4s, which was totally roped off with a big queue of exciteable girls lined up to get their photos taken pushing the trolley through the wall #iwasntdownforthat. We then headed off for the Eurostar and crossed the channel to Europe. On lining up through customs we found a group of boisterous british lads in various states of lady outfits and wigs – sure enough they ended up in the same carriage as us, which made for an interesting journey to say the least. Apparently they were on a rugby tour and although loud, they were very well mannered and a good laugh, really.

P.S – I’m using my iPad here so photos aren’t edited at all – please excuse the quality of some!

Next Stop: Belgium


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