Wish You Were Here: Brussels and Brugge, Belgium

3-5 May

On arriving in Brussels, we checked in to our accommodation and then hit the streets. It took us a wee while to get our bearings, but once we found ourselves on the map, we were fine.

Brussels centre is beautiful, full of old history and quaint streets. The locals speak either French or Dutch, but English seemed just as widely used and we had no problems with communication. If you’re a chocolate lover (like me), you will love Brussels – there is a chocolate shop down every street selling a wide range of Belgian delights. Oh, waffles are more your flavour? Never fear, they sell waffles aplenty here, too!

Although the air was cold, the sun shone til well after 9pm, so we had a few hours to take it all in before hitting the hay.


Yesterday we decided to spend some time in Brugge. This wasn’t in our original plan, but as it is only a 50 minute train ride from Brussels, we thought ‘what the heck!’. Im so glad we did, as Brugge is a gorgeous village full of cobbled streets, pretty canals and bikes. So many bikes!

We explored Brugge for a couple of hours and I couldn’t resist purchasing a beautiful looking cupcake – OMG it was to die for – vanilla with strawberry icing. The icing was amazing, tasting exactly like real strawberries! I would go so far as to say it was the best cupcake of my life. For reals. We then took another train back to Brussels, where we looked around the streets some more.


For dinner I tried Brussels mussels! They are much smaller than what you get back home, but were so yummy that I didn’t mind at all. We also purchased some delicious chocolates and had our first Belgian waffle, which was delicious.

We planned on reserving our seat on one of the Brussels-Amsterdam trains for today, but were told that they were all booked out and we’d have to pay 220 Euro for a first class seat! Apparently you need to book well in advance, but as you are unable to book until you get into Belgium, and there is no option to book online, we were at a loss. So instead of taking a direct train for 2 hours, we were told to take 3 trains, which would get us there in 4 hours and wouldn’t cost us anything as we have a Eurail pass. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as simple as that…

Next stop: The Netherlands


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