Wish You Were Here: Amsterdam, Holland

5-8 May

Getting to Amsterdam was a mission! After being told we’d need to take 3 trains from Brussels to get there, we had resigned ourselves to the fact that it was going to take longer than planned. However, we didn’t account for unhelpful staff at one station informing us that the next train from platform 1 was headed to Amsterdam. This happened after we had lugged our bags over there only to realise we’d gone to the wrong platform and then lugged them back over to another one across the tracks. Apparently it was the correct platform afterall, but the next train to leave from their was headed in a different direction! We didnt realise this until we had been on the train for 15 minutes or so after an announcement was called over the speakers and Amsterdam was not mentioned. Luckily a lovely lady in our carriage was super helpful and advised us what stop to get off at to ensure we’d make it to Amsterdam.


Once we got settled in Amsterdam, we loved it! It was just as I expected, but also so much more. Even if you’ve never smelled weed before (like me *cough*), there is no mistaking the scent wafting out of every second cafe or apartment and nobody bats an eyelid. Bicycles are more common than cars and the road rules (along with everything else) seem pretty lax.

We spent the afternoon getting our bearings and seeing what Amsterdam had in store for us. On our first full day I really wanted to see a windmill so we walked a pretty fair distance across town to find one – there was a cafe located right next to it that looked very inviting so we sat outside in the sun and enjoyed a beverage before spending the rest of the day wandering about. Of course we had to check out The Red Light District that night, and all I’ll say about that was that it was a real eye opener!!





Yesterday we took a trip out to Keukenhof Gardens to look at some tulips. The gardens are lovely and offer a range of displays, a petting zoo and a windmill! But if you’ve seen one tulip in a park, you’ve seen them all, so we hired a couple of bikes just outside the park and biked around the local tulip fields, which was amazing! The highlight of our trip so far 🙂

We took a river cruise at night, which was really interesting until it started pouring down! We’ve been very lucky with weather so far, so we knew it couldn’t last.






Next stop: Germany


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