Wish You Were Here: Cologne, Frankfurt & Munich; Germany

8-10 May

The first thing we saw as we walked out of the main station in Cologne was the enormous cathedral! I would say it was the biggest I’ve ever seen, and it almost looked like a huge cardboard cutout against the brightness of the cloudy white sky.

We took a stroll around the old town and then did a spot of shopping once the rain set in. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Cologne before we got there, but I left feeling very impressed with the range of shopping available! I was in heaven when we found the Lego store, and couldn’t wait to create some mini figures πŸ™‚


We stayed the night in Cologne and took an early train to Frankfurt the next morning (luckily we were staying near the station!). Unfortunately it was also raining in Frankfurt, so we mostly spent the few hours here looking in shops and trying not to get too wet.


Our final destination was Munich, which, you guessed it, was raining! However, we braved the cold and wet to look around the old town, which we love. We also saw the smallest dogs I have ever seen in my life! One guy was so surprised by them as they walked toward him that he literally dropped to his knees, pointing and laughing at them. They got such a fright, their owner swept them up into her arms and gave him a nasty look! It was quite funny.


We bought an umbrella and walked around the old town again, along with a few shops in the newer part of town. Unfortnately all the rain and shopping has meant for few photos on this part of our trip, but the weather forecast is looking to improve within the next few days πŸ™‚

Next Stop: Austria


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