Wish You Were Here: Salzburg & Vienna, Austria

10-13 May

After visiting Salzburg in early 2011 and falling in love with the place, there was no hesitation for us in deciding to go back during this trip, and she sure didn’t disappoint!

I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why I love this place so much – whether it is because of the beautiful buildings in the Old Town; the glorious Alps in the distance; the friendly people and the good food; or the fact that parts of The Sound of Music were filmed here – Salzburg is definately a destination I can see myself visiting time and time again. If anyone has a holiday home or a time-share in the area, please hook me up! No, seriously.

We walked up to the Fortress, which looms above the city, as we never got a chance to check it out the last time we were here. With its tall towers, beautiful church, and history dating back to 830; it was both fascinating and humbling to behold. The views of the city and country-side below were pretty spectacular, and as an added bonus: I got a great butt and thigh work-out walking up and down all the stairs!


On the other hand, Vienna was a complete surprise for me as I had no idea really what to expect here. The city is divided into districts, so my crazy-brain went straight to thoughts about The Hunger Games, haha. We stayed in District 7 in the Museum Quarter. The buildings here are grand and beautiful with ornate embellishments and statues. Then, to really make us feel like we were in another world, our hotel was circus themed, popped in amongst the museums! I have actually been reading (and really enjoying) Erin Morgenstern’s book, ‘The Night Circus‘, so the whole experience seemed all the more magical to me, because of this.

After walking through the Old Town, we hopped on a train (the Underground system here is wonderful and really made us feel like locals as we tripped from station to station with little fuss) to see The Riesenrad and found ourselves in a theme park! There was a ferris wheel, roller coasters, bumper cars and carnival games hosted by Austrian men smoking cigarettes. Vienna was full of surprises and I wish we could have stayed longer to experience more of her.


Next Stop: Czech Republic


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