Wish You Were Here: Barcelona & Mallorca, Spain

21-30 May

Barcelona greeted us with blue skies and sunshine – a warm welcome after our previous few days! We basked in the sun and took our time exploring.

I expected the Sagrada Familia to be a much larger prescence in this city, but whether we approached it from the wrong direction or simply weren’t looking hard enough, we never saw this unfinished masterpiece until we were literally on its doorstep!


However, my favourite part of Barcelona would have to be Park Guell – I love the mosiac features and character of this place.



We did spend some time relaxing on the beach, too. If you can call listening to ‘merchants’ trying to sell their wares relaxing. Seriously – no we don’t want a massage/beer/mojoto/sarong, just leave us be!! I know they are only trying to make a living, but it got rather annoying; especially since they seem to have no concept of personal space – they come right up and stand over you as you’re laying there on the sand!



After a couple of days in Barcelona, we took the 7.5 hour night ferry to Mallorca! I say ferry, but it was really more like a container ship, seriously – no frills here. But it got as from a to b, so was okay in the end.

Mallorca was our chance to relax, recharge our batteries and do ‘nothing much‘, which meant that for once I didn’t take many photos (shock, horror!). I did read a free preview of ‘Gone Girl‘, loved it, downloaded and practically devoured the whole thing! Seriously, that book is a great read. We spent a glorious five days here before catching a daytime container ship ferry back to Barcelona.


Next Stop: Back to France


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