Not in Europe anymore, Toto

So, apparently I’m suffering from what they like to call ‘post-vacation blues’,or what I prefer to call a ‘Holiday Hangover’. Now before you all start rolling your eyes, shaking your heads and muttering ‘you poor thing, gallivanting around Europe for two months must have been hard. Here, have a lie down and take the rest of the week off’, hear me out. It’s a real thing.

Traveling overseas for any length of time is an amazing and truly rewarding experience. You forget about work; leave (most of) your cares behind and soak up every experience you possibly can. It’s life changing, it’s wonderful, it’s….hold on a sec, I think I’m losing sight of my point here.

Basically, traveling is about as different from my job and real life as I can get. Does that make sense? I lived out of a suitcase, slept in a different city nearly every night and experienced different cultures/languages/environments on a daily basis.

But that’s totally what I expected from our holiday, so it’s cool.

Certain parts of a large holiday like ours can be stressful – figuring out where we needed to be to make travel connections or arriving in an unfamiliar city at night. Not being able to find a ferry terminal – even with a map or GPS system, it was still really difficult to find our way around some places, especially while lugging a huge suitcase in the sweltering heat or trying to find narrow streets that often aren’t even listed.

However, these difficulties do not take away from the most amazing two months I have ever lived! We didn’t really have a routine, besides knowing which town/city we were headed next. Most of our accommodation was planned before we left and we had a (very) rough idea what we wanted to do in each area.

Basically, we had the freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted. We were our own bosses and it was pretty rad. This became our routine, our reality.

So, what’s the problem? You’re asking.

Fast forward two months and it’s right back into work, real life and answering to someone else. I’ve gone from the middle of Summer to the middle of Winter; from spending my days outside in the sunshine to spending them in an air-conditioned office; from walking every day and eating wonderful food to sitting at a computer and bringing lunch from home.

I’m not complaining – I know I’m lucky to have a job, and especially one that allowed me to take so much time off – but you guys, it’s hard. It’s hard to sit at my desk and work on spreadsheets, when just two weeks ago I was exploring the Acropolis.

It’s hard to go back to my old routine so quickly and easily, feeling like the last two months were a wonderful dream. I’ve only been back a week and a half, but it has gone really quickly and I can feel the good holiday vibrations wearing off already.

Do I sound ungrateful? Possibly. But, that’s what the post-holiday blues do to gal! I don’t know anyone who can’t wait for their holiday to end – and it’s normal to feel a bit dejected when it does. At least I’m still rocking a tan….for now.

So, I’m putting it to you – what do you do to cure a Holiday Hangover? How long do you think my ‘post-holiday blues’ will last?


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