Daylesford, Victoria

I promise I have lots more of my European adventure to share with you all – I think I’m only about half-way through so far, so you can expect more stories and photos to come! Yay. If you missed any posts or want to get caught up, you can do so here.

In the meantime though, I wanted to share something a little closer to home….

So apparently, one of the ways to overcome the “post-holiday blues” is to become a tourist in your own town! No matter where you live, you can always look at your surroundings with a new set of eyes. I have been living in Melbourne for two years now and I know how much of a popular spot it is for travellers from all over the world and within Australia. I myself even visited on holiday, but since living here, haven’t been to many of the tourist attractions or even looked at the city the way a tourist does – all wide-eyed with excitement and wonder. Also, I live and work in the city so every day I am walking by Historic buildings, amazing infrastructure and cute boutique stores without a second glance.

My goal over the next few months is to really take a step back, have a good look around and become a tourist in Melbourne again. There is always so much to see and do in and around this wonderful city and I really want to take advantage of that!

So, where do I start?!

Last weekend we hired a car, and on the Sunday decided to take a drive out to Daylesford. A little over an hours drive from Melbourne City, Daylesford is a beautiful area full of natural springs, wildlife, spas, great food and cute shops. It’s a wonderful place to relax for a weekend, but also close enough for a day trip; which we have done many times now!

Unfortunately this time, the weather was not on our side. We left Melbourne with blue skies and sunshine and arrived in a misty, grey and foggy Daylesford. Visibility was not great and it was also very cold! However, I did not let this deter me and managed to get what I think are some pretty great photos anyways. Because, let’s face it – the one thing most tourists have in common is a camera!

The photos below show the road leading into Daylesford, and then on to Trentham where, of course we had to get a loaf of Sourdough from RedBeard Bakery! Seriously, if you’re ever in the area – Trentham is only 20 minutes away and well worth the trip. The final images are of the amazing woods at this stopover just out of Daylesford maybe called Wombat Forest/Park/Something? I don’t know, but the trees were bonkers.







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