Wish(ed) You Were Here: Cannes & Nice, France

1 – 5 June

Now that the holiday is over, I figured I could no longer call these posts ‘Wish You Were Here’!

Can't beat French pastries!
Can’t beat French pastries!

So last time I posted, we were in Arles – from there, we travelled to Cannes, where we saw first-hand how the other half live! So many reserved beaches and luxury yachts – we were fascinated.



We spent most of our time here looking around the shops and admiring the beaches from afar.



Then it was on to Nice. We braved the heat and walked up Castle Hill to see the waterfall and get some beautiful views of the city.




Although the public beaches here are mostly pebbly, we did get some tanning time in; and spent much time window shopping! I loved all the specialty shops in Nice and wish I had more room to bring some goodies home with me.


This dog was amazing! He generated quite the crowd as we all watched him from above, waiting for his owner to throw him a massive stick. At one point, he lost sight of his owner and tried to follow him over a dangerous bridge, around a cliff – was a tense few moments as he fell off, but somehow managed not to hurt himself!


On our last night, we decided to visit Monte Carlo, Monaco and visited the Casino (as you do). Was pretty cool until we tried to get back to Nice, only to find out the trains for the rest of the night had been cancelled! We were told we could wait for a bus that never came, so we ended up befriending a pair of lovely Irish sister and shared a taxi back instead.

IMG_1829Next Stop: Switzerland


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